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Numerology/Astrology for 6/12/19

6/12/19 is the number 3. While a positive attitude is essential in life, especially the “attitude of gratitude”. It is also important to see both sides of the faces of two-faced people. Now, know that I believe this is a world of duality, so everyone has two sides, a positive, spiritual, conscious side and a negative, hidden, fear-ruled side. So, one person is not better than another. We are all here in this duality to learn to come to terms with both sides of our nature. If you believe you only have a positive, light side, then you are in severe denial and that part that you hide, harms people in unconscious ways that you cannot or will not see. Those that we consider “enlightened” are very aware of both of their sides. They know and own their light and dark sides. They have learned to love both of them and honor both for the gifts that they offer. The integration of that inherent duality is what “enlightenment” actually is. You are not enlightened if you choose to only project out into the world your positive, light, spiritual side. And it is those people, in this world, that right now, are causing great harm. The denial of their own darkness gives that darkness permission to run amok in ways that their light side justifies with the delusions of polarized insanity. They cannot see that their own darkness is controlling and manifesting pain and suffering in the world. And when the darks sides of many come together, terrible things happen in this world. People glorify war to the horror of anyone awake. That is because all war is an atrocity. It is a sin against the greatest gift of life you have ever been offered. But when someone is at war with their own essential nature and in denial of it, they will unconsciously project their own inner conflict out into the world and war, mayhem, and suffering is the result.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon and Jupiter attempt to bring some deeply needed joy and happiness into this world today. The Moon sextile Jupiter bringing that desire for ideas and projects to be realized. Your artistic side wants desperately to be optimistic and attractive in the world. There is a desire for cooperation but I am afraid it will not fall on open-minded ears. Notice where you are withholding in your interactions with others. Notice you have a fear of not getting what you want. You might need to cut back on your goal to create a manageable pattern rather than an over-the-top dream.

But with the Moon in Libra squaring Saturn in Capricorn, it might prove more challenging than you want. Obstacles and forced restraint combine with deep seated unhappiness and emotional turmoil to form a bitter pill to swallow. It feels like there are no good choices at the moment. All positions seem to have a negative part to them. It makes it difficult to choose.

The Sun trines the Moon and this lucky combination attempts to cut through the melancholy of the above square to bring harmony into your relationships.

But the Moon squaring Pluto causes the potential of extreme mood changes. Do your best to control your financial budget and do not go too far overboard in spending.

Mars aligns with the North Node later in the day and you are moved to pursue your goals or make some new connections with others.

The Moon leaves Libra later tonight making it more intense as the emotional energy of Scorpio is activated. While this is passionate in its flow it is also serious and uncovering of things that have been hidden.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I stand with life. Not your opinion.
If your opinion in any way harms
any form of life on this planet,
you are part of a destructive force
of hate that is killing this world.
~Suzanne Wagner~






Other things have the right to exist. Humans do not have the right to destroy the habitats that are essential for other creatures to survive and thrive. Human greed does not give us the right to collapse whole ecosystems that benefit many for a few men out for money. I cannot imagine the karmic consequence for being a person responsible for destroying ecosystems and parts of this world. Because one part connects to another part. When you destroy one part you impact other parts forever. It is time humanity  understands that it’s lack of conscience and compassion is responsible for a genocide of this earth. Right now, your choices make a difference. Do you really need that plastic bag at the store for vegetables? Can’t you just remember to put the bags in the car and carry them with you always? Can’t you walk back out to the car and get them when out of habit you forgot to bring them in? Can’t you (if you really forget) just choose the paper bag instead of the plastic one? I know you can. I know you are being asked to step into wakefulness and to be more present with the small things that used to seem insignificant. But they are not. Those habits that were learned now have to be unlearned. There is more at stake than your own discomfort and time. Without all of humanity changing its behavior this world is in dire peril. You cannot wait for our ineffective government to make laws that serve the greater good. They have shown that they are deeply intrenched in bribery and are bought by big corporations that have no interest in doing good for the world. They have shown that they are defending horrible trends that harm this world and will eventually harm humanity. You cannot wait for them. You have to decide to do small things every day to change your habits that unconsciously harm the plants and animals of this world. If you stop buying things a certain way, those greedy corporations will be forced to change. It is up to us. You cannot count on those in government having a conscience and doing the right thing until all of those that lie and intentionally deceive are out of office.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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