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Numerology/Astrology for 6/11/19

6/11/19 is the number 11. How long can it take to expand and step into the obvious? Clearly it might take much longer than you expect or anticipate. This is a number that supports the transcendence of consciousness. But it is also the number of chaos and fragmentation when it is not grounded in constructive patterns. Times of chaos are there to expand us beyond our known reality. Sometimes it has to fracture the old reality to get us to see into possibilities that need to be realized. You are more than you perceive. But will you discover that in this life? It is up to each of us to always choose to continue to grow, continue to seek out more compassion, continue to choose love over hate, and to not let those that only care for money to destroy those things that matter.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Spiritual gifts are the focus when the Moon in Libra squares Mercury in Cancer. Know that your thoughts need to be carefully considered. Your thoughts may be so mutable that they deviate from the truth. Difficulties may arise with the decisions that you feel you need to make.

The Moon squares Mars in Cancer and this makes you behave in an irritated way that may pick fights and create trouble. Dial back all extravagances and do not waste time or energy. Be more delicate in your movements.

There is a stirring up of the restlessness right now and it feels confusing enough to not know how to put this energy into a productive use today.

You could feel tense and impatient. Changes will test your patience. You have to find new approaches to your current dilemmas
~Suzanne Wagner~


When you love a lie,
you lose yourself.
When you hate what is,
you destroy your own possibilities.
~Suzanne Wagner~






It is not okay to not enjoy your life. Your value is much more than your work or what you have to give others. Your presence is often the greatest gift  you can give another because what this world needs … is time.
Time for you to be relaxed and enjoying the moment. Time for you to laugh and not rush. Time for you to care for someone or something that needs what you can offer in that moment.
In our rushing world, we say that we are too stressed and that we don’t have the time. But you have to take the time to have a life.
You have to re-prioritize your life in a way that you do not come home exhausted and completely spent.
If your work is taking your energy too far and you have nothing left at the end of the day for those you love, then you need to restructure the way you interact in your job and work.
There are ways that you can step back and not take everything so personally.
There are ways that you can honor who you are and what you offer the world in your work.
If that job does not appreciate the gifts that you offer, then you should leave and make a shift that gives you more time, peace, and understanding.
Life it too short to waste it trying to prove to the world that you are good enough. You are already good enough.
Corporations will use and abuse you until you break. They know that there are always more people out there that they can hire. You need to look for and work for companies that value their employees and that have fair wages, not just for the workers but for the higher-ranking people as well.
A corporation that gives millions in bonuses to those that take advantage of the lower workers and manipulate others out of fair compensation and what they deserve need to be called out publicly. Workers need to either stand up in rage at the inequity or walk away from such companies.
Greed is a sickness that feeds on the weak and poor. It takes togetherness and strength to know that you deserve what is fair and it is the workers that need to band together to take back what is rightfully theirs. The greed has gotten way … way….. out of control. It is time to change how the financial world is run.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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