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Numerology/Astrology for 6/11/18


6/11/18 is the number 10. The number 10 makes you look at the effective use of your power. What is the highest vibration that you can do today with your power? Who could you touch and make a difference in their life today? Do you have the courage to do it? It is one thing to have power but quite another to know what to do with it. Often power and money seem to go together but when you have the money and power, there is an obligation to not hoard it but to do something that can impact others and the world positively. If you only selfishly hold onto the money and power to further your own egoic aims, then you are failing in the duty and responsibility that was gifted to you in this life. And the next life will not be so pleasant. You will end up on the receiving end of someone just like you and become the victim of their egos desire to inflict suffering on others. Each one of you have wealth and power to share with others. When you share it whole-heartedly, that energy grows. The more you share it the more it grows and then the universe trusts you to give you more to work with. Then you become an ambassador for the good in the world, a savior for those in need, and a compassionate heart that listens.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today

The Moon spends the day in the sign of Taurus, and its harmony with Neptune, Pluto, and Venus. This encourages you to enjoy the day, enjoy your life, appreciate those you love, care for those in need, and be kind in all ways. Earthy activities and sensual pleasures appeal now more than usual, and you find a sense of peace and contentment with that which is familiar and reliable. If you practice patience, you might just find a lost item, find a new use for an old item, or discover connections to your past that help you out. This is a time to engage in some transformation in which you weed out the bad things in your life so you can become more effective with the good.

However, while for the most part, the day can be pleasant, the Sun’s quincunx to Pluto midday can necessitate the need for an adjustment in order to feel that we are moving forward. You may notice that your focus and power is shifting. You might deal with a setback that can leave you feeling powerless. This is going to prompt you to make changes. Normal will make you feel indecisive about how to approach a matter. You are going to need to let something go to move forward with your psychological growth.

~Suzanne Wagner~





Nothing in all the world is more
dangerous than sincere ignorance
and conscientious stupidity.

~Martin Luther King. Jr.~




What an interesting world we live in. We live in a place where emotions are heightened and intense to the point of creating tremendous joy and suffering. We live a world of extremes. And that is what we clearly wanted to learn to navigate. Some people lean towards the positive and some towards the negative. Just like some cells thrive in an oxygen rich environment but cancer thrives is a toxic environment. And cancer is a normal cell that has mutated because of a toxic energy that it is living in.

How is this situation in the world that same reflection?

How have we allowed toxic energy into us that has taken what was a normal cell into such a place of stress that to survive it now has to mutate into feeding on toxic waste rather than oxygen?

Notice if you are feeding on the toxic waste of others.

Notice if you are the creator of that toxic waste and it is overloading your system so now it is just spewing out into the world infecting others. You have to notice that toxicity if you are going to clear it. Until you know that you are toxically overloaded you cannot take the first step to do a cleanse. And cleanses are not fun because you have to completely stop what you are doing to step back from the feeding frenzy of the negative and dark energy. But you also have to be able to define that dark energy first. If you are allergic to gluten. You have to remove the gluten from your diet. At first your body and energy field will begin craving that toxin intensely before your body will dump it. Only after dumping that toxic energy out can you rebuild the system in a more balanced fashion. I have watched people again and again who have had types of cancer and how that journey is always some sort of cleanse. They cleanse out the people who drain energy. They cleanse out the toxic food they were eating. They control the information that they allow in. They create an environment that allows for a clearing. Healing cannot happen when you continually force feed yourself with what is making you sick. You have to literally start over. You have to press the reset button. I think the problem right now in the world is that it is as if a big heavy veil has been lifted off our head and we are seeing (perhaps for the first time) what is really going on in the world and the power that the wealthy have over our governments, choices, and what we are being fed in the form of information. The manipulation is so extensive that you almost do not know where to start. But you know something is very wrong because you can feel it. You know that you have been played like a puppet in a show. And it is like you are waking up from a deep dreamy sleep. You are a bit disoriented and not sure what is real. You are attempting to get your bearings and make some decisions but you know that you need to make decisions quickly and your judgement has to be crystal clear because so much is going to depend on your decisions and following actions. There is a lot at stake. It feels like a life or death issue. You know that you are in danger and you have to wake up… now! So much is hanging in a treacherous balance. And yet, fear cannot ever make a clear decision. You have to breathe. You have to stay calm and centered. You have to have heightened awareness of your surroundings and what is happening. And then when the right moment comes you must move without hesitation.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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