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Numerology/Astrology for 5/9/19

5/9/19 is the number 8. We are all together at a moment in time that is soul-changing. Dealing with the complex patterns that are causing so much suffering and that are so wide-spread is extremely difficult. There are moments when you want to collapse in despair at the horror that greed, wealth, and power has created. You wonder why people cannot just do the “right” thing? Why is it so hard to figure out how to consider the bigger picture and create patterns that not only get you where you want to go but also do not harm life itself on this planet? There is a simple answer, Greed! This is a horrible human game that is after the money at all cost, even when that cost is the life of this world. It is beyond horrible to realize the level of selfishness that has risen to power in this world. The childish games that make us all feel as if we are still on the playground in grade school. These were lessons that were supposed to be worked through as children. Not perpetuated as tantrums of fully-grown adults. To change it, you have to honestly look at your own frozen selves from your past. Only by healing ourself can we begin to fight this rampant narcissism that at the moment has control over our world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Thursday morning helps you open to something larger and more expansive in your life, as long as you do not get into an obsessive and have to have everything your way. Venus is busy. After all the Goddess of Love has her needs and desires, be they of the material world or in relationships. Venus harmonizing with Jupiter stimulates a desire for pleasure, generosity, and excitement. Freedom to do what you want without feeling shackled to too much responsibility is right up her alley. Know that growth in relationships tends to create a bit of drama.

Venus squares Pluto adding a dose of intensity to the powder keg in your life. Things that you have held in are going to surface and cause more disruption. You are dissatisfied with the level of depth and intimacy you have at the moment. There are many causes. Just don’t resort to manipulative means to attempt to get your way. There will be consequences to that.

While your best self wants to give others the benefit of the doubt. Know that Pluto reminds you that to trust those that betray your trust are not deserving of that trust again so quickly. There is a swing happening right now between faith, suspicion, and the now obvious truth. Faith will not work here. Suspicion just makes more stress. So choose the truth and while it will be highly uncomfortable, it will take less energy and time. Don’t you want to get to the bottom of this endless pit of emotion? Of course you do. Choosing anything other than the truth will make you fall into excessive patterns which will not get you anywhere but frustrated and exhausted. You do not have control over others. People are going to do what they are going to do. You cannot stop them from taking steps that are necessary for them to learn. Stepping back is a wise way to go.

Use this day to nurture yourself and allow your vulnerability to guide you through. Your only job is to protect yourself from the energies that threaten a balanced mind and heart.

Discover the balance that is possible between the masculine and feminine principals in your life. Find how to blend with those willing to harmonize. Those that have to have their way, just walk away from. It is not worth the fight nor can you spare the energy today.

The Moon in opposition to Saturn makes you careful, reserved, suspicious, and a bit melancholy. You might feel as if you are standing alone. And you are. Others did not abandon you, you stepped up and away from their old patterns of convenience.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“Hope is not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.”

 ~Vaclav Havel~





I am amazed at how many people have somehow learned a coping strategy to feel okay about themselves by never apologizing. Now while there are those that say, “I’m sorry!” way too much, there are also those who fear that apologizing is a sign of weakness. They believe that their choices are somehow always correct and so they are just following the “divine” and that justifies them harming and hurting others.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

That justification that the “divine” told them to do it, has been used throughout time for horrific atrocities that are not “divine” at all but the reflection of ego running rampant in a mind that wants to avoid responsibility and honest recognition of mistakes. It is a reflection of a childish mind that plays in its own small sandbox and believes that nothing and no one else exists.
We all learn by making mistakes. Those that will not allow in the lesson through a mistake, cannot grow, evolve, or mature. Knowing and owning up to mistakes gives you the conscience to not repeat that mistake again on others. Only the owning of a mistake can allow a smooth process for healing for everyone.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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