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Numerology/Astrology for 5/7/19

5/7/19 is the number 6. Sometimes being alone is the best way. Sometimes it is the only way. Answers are never found “out there” they are always inside yourself. Deep inside, you recognize that you are doing some things as an avoidance of dropping into a deeper place that a core truth is attempting to reveal itself to you. Enough is enough. The side tracks are getting exhausting. Stop the pattern and drop into a place where you can discover what you seek. The answer is there. Inside your core. Take responsibility for your life and your choices. How are you creating the pattern that is causing the stress? How do your actions and choices contribute to that also? When you change your habitual choices and actions then the external circumstances will also shift.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Tuesday morning is a bit odd in that the Moon has moved into quick-paced Gemini.

The planet Venus, in charge of love and money, challenges slow and patient Saturn. It is like that feeling in traffic where traffic is moving quickly then comes to a quick halt in a matter of seconds. Pace yourself Tuesday morning because this energy can bring envy and jealousy. Love seems more complicated and depression can arise because of not feeling like you have control. Be aware that you can get caught in delusions and deception because of expectations not being fulfilled.

The Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. This allows a dreamy quality to invade your reality and that may not be the best idea as it brings in a type of passivity and emotional disturbances. You want to get lost in those thoughts and perpetuate an illusion that no longer exists.

The Moon sextiles Venus. You might be wise to not quarrel with others. It is not worth the energy. Step back. Value yourself.

The Moon opposes Jupiter. Be aware that this aspect attracts trouble. Assume if you want to take something too far then expect to get caught. Conflicts are revealed and you need to be more aware because this is a day where disadvantages are more obvious.

There is a conjunction with Mars in Gemini and the Moon in the same place. You are short tempered, irritable, and carrying an inner tension that breeds unrest and disagreements. Realize that you do not have the energy to handle long and intense conflicts. There are many places that are bringing you discontent and upset. Step away from the things that you know are toxic to your soul. You cannot handle everything. Nor can you fix everything for others. Their journey is theirs and theirs alone. No one can rescue another. We are all here to rescue ourself from our own karmic suffering. Relationships seem to be discouraging. Sit with that and allow that feeling to move completely through you. Only then can you get clarity to what is moving underneath that continues to stress you out. Connections with others just do not go the way you want. The truth is that you cannot give to others what they need to give to themselves.

~Suzanne Wagner~


A successful man is on who can
lay a firm foundation with the
bricks others have thrown at him.
~David Brinkley~





Listen to your soul.
Your heart will give too much away.
While it is good to be kind.
It is essential to know where the line is.
There will be moments that you outgrow.
What used to satisfy.
That moment should be embraced.
Because it is an essential turning point.
One where pleasing others
No longer holds anything of value.
You see the request as a perpetuation of dysfunction.
It becomes clear that it will never be enough.
Because the real healing comes from them,
not from you.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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