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Numerology/Astrology for 5/24/19

5/24/19 is the number 5. Are you paying attention to your health? Do you listen to what your body is trying to tell you? Today is a day to potentially shift out of some of your less than healthy behaviors and into a more balanced way for your body. Why not try to do a cleanse today? Or even fast, just for the day. I find that our poor bodies hold so much stress and strain and they do so much for us but often we do not give them the simple things that will help them work at the best. And then we wonder why we are tired and not feeling well. Throughout our life there are major shifts in what our body needs. When we were younger and we had all that growing of bones and muscles going on, we could eat like a horse and stay rail thin. Then we stopped physically growing. And suddenly our bodies needed something else. Then we age and our bodies need completely different things. Our diet radically changes and the things that we could get away with when we are younger, catch up to us. Life is the number 5 and life is always about change and adapting to the constantly new requirements of our bodies so they can help us cope and keep going. Honor your body, respect and listen to its needs.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon spends the day in Aquarius. You continue to want to do the unusual and attract in things are different. It feels like a time to approach your life from a new way.

Mercury forms a sesquiquadrate to Pluto later in the day. It can make you look at things in a more suspicious way at how things are either working or not working in your life. If others do not want to do things your way you may feel personally attacked.

You probably cannot get to where you want by going directly there. Therefore a more round about direction may be in order. Be careful because you might be tempted to manipulate others in order to get what you want.

This is a day that can lead to intense creative thinking but impatience follows you around. You may feel as if your brain is not quite operating on all cylinders. Thinking can feel intense and there is tension and pressure causing irritability and stress.

~Suzanne Wagner~



The universe responds well
when you are certain about
what you exactly want.
~Suzanne Wagner~





I find that there are many people who are not really clear about what they want in life. At first, they identify something from television or the movies that seems “cool” or aligns with a part of their ego. But that is never really what aligns with their soul. It is just the mind playing games to feel important and to gain confidence and self-acceptance. It is a natural step to self-discovery. But it can take you off track of who you really are. Trying to be someone else or something that you are not is a waste of precious time and energy. While it feels good for a moment, you can distract yourself by a fantasy that uses up a lot of energy to maintain because it is not really who you are. On one level it is the easiest thing in the world to be yourself because it feels organic and effortless. But then the mind wants to jump in and make you have to struggle and strive for something and to make yourself great. What you fail to see in that moment is that you are already a miracle and there is something very unique and wonderful about just who you are. When you are not trying to impress others, you have more compassion. When you are not trying to “keep up with the Jones” you do not have to waste energy maintaining a false self. Take the time to really get to know who you are. That is what is really worth your time and energy.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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