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Numerology/Astrology for 5/23/19

5/23/19 is the number 4. A work/life balance is what we all want. American’s tend to spend more time at work than in other countries. I loved living in Germany where you got 6 weeks paid vacation each year and you got paid for 13 months of the year instead of 12. That extra salary, half you got at the holiday of Christmas and half you got at your vacation time. Boy, did that make a huge difference. I would love to see each of us begin to walk towards finding that better balance for ourselves. Life can whiz past much too quickly. Learning to take breaks and to have fun is actually very important. A balanced life is going to help you live longer and be happier.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon moves from Capricorn into the friendly skies of Aquarius around 2 pm.

Mercury forms a sextile to Chiron, giving you an opportunity to start having more healthy dialogues. Approaching problems from a more holistic viewpoint will help you solve current challenges in new ways. This pattern enhanced communication in a more subtle way.

You may notice that you hit a few blocks and old insecurities. Motivation might be a problem because past resentments and anger might surface. Know that misunderstandings are highly likely and keep your expectations of others low at the moment.

Mercury is minor in a challenge to Saturn suggesting some defensive attitudes will abound. There is a square between Mars and Chiron which also stimulates a touchy quality in some. You may feel too vulnerable at this time.

~Suzanne Wagner~



You can’t
do a good
if your job
is all you
~Artifact Uprising~





Life is about learning how to connect
as fully as possible with the many variations
that are available to us.
It is about how much life
and love we will allow into our life.
While life is also about giving our gifts.
Sometimes we mistakenly believe that
our value is only what we have to
give to others, rather than just allowing
ourself to be who we are and know that
being our authentic self is enough.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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