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Numerology/Astrology for 5/22/19

5/22/19 is the number 3. There is a moment when you have to enjoy the ride regardless of what kind of ride it is. Learning to appreciate moments, even when they are different than you imagined is something that takes practice. That is because they happen for a reason and almost always that reason is for your growth or the growth of others. After all, you do not always get what you want. And not because you did something bad but because everything in life revolves around a greater circle of life not just your own small reality. There is always something happening outside your sphere of the reality. We each live in a bubble of our own beliefs and perceptions. And to us that bubble is very real. How we relate to others is where those bubbles overlap. With some people that bubble overlaps quite a bit. And in those relationships, there is a strong sense of feeling safe and heard because of that familiar connection within the sphere of that shared reality. But with others it is less there because less of that bubble is shared. And when someone’s bubble is in a reality that (to us) is a non-reality, the connection is less strong. You can even like that person a lot but it may feel as if they are speaking a foreign language and you just cannot quite relate. Sometimes you can try and try but it still somehow falls short. Because within those bubbles are lessons and experiences that are unique to each person’s journey. And that is how is should be. That is why you attempt to connect through reaching beyond the physical form and genetic inheritance of a person and bypass the complex layers of emotional protection that everyone has and connect instead to the soul. Because the soul essence you can always recognize and connect to. But sometimes the human choices, emotional dysfunction, and their personal dystopia is not something that is easy to be around.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

If you can step out of your routine on Wednesday morning, you will make eccentric Uranus very happy. This is the day that you may feel like you definitely do not want to go into some humdrum job.

But then the reality of the conservative Capricorn Moon hits you over the head and tells you to get going, get grounded, and deal with what is on your plate. It does help to enhance your intuitive side

Yet, you can’t help but feel that you need to branch out and entertain the new and progressive ideas that are floating around in that head because of the Mars-Uranus sextile. You want to experiment and make things happen. It could really bring out that creativity. Sometimes risk is a necessary change.

Actions that are independent will break through the block and obstacles that present. It is your turn to take the lead. The more confidence you find within translates out to more courage and energy externally.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I look at lies and always see hate.
I look at denial and I always see fear.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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