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Numerology/Astrology for 5/21/20

5/21/20 is the number 3. If you add the 5 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 12.
1 + 2 = 3.
As the wild weather internally and external continues to increase, some of you might want to hold on tight to ride this current storm until it stops. But there are those that have the strength to turn into the storm approaching and confront the darkness that threatens our world. Either choice you will experience the extremes that are presenting in full force. Some storms are so large that you cannot skirt the edges. This one refuses to be ignored. It intends to change this world and us with it. Perhaps that is what is going to be necessary for us to make the enormous changes that will be required.

Hang on.

Hang tight.

It is going

to be a long

and treacherous

dark night.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in the mood to be surrounded in comfort. The sensitivity level is higher than normal. While that can give great empathy and a fertile imagination it is also magnifying all emotional patterns. My concern is for those in abusive relationships. So remember to walk away from those that intend to do you harm.

The Moon trines Pluto making emotional outbursts very karmic and potentially one-sided. Things can get taken to an extreme and know that right now that is not the best advice.

Reality needs to be checked and double checked. Plans are not going according to plans. So now what? You are going to have to make some decisions. Traditional methods are not working. The only obvious choice is to build path and confidence in yourself. Decisions need to be carefully measured and calculated. See the patterns and make a plan based on this new reality. You will have to let the old reality go. This is a totally new pattern and reality. It will require innovation. Time to think very much out of the box.

As the Moon is in a Balsamic phase know that you need to wind down rather than revve up. Discuss your plans with those you respect. They may have insights that you cannot presently see. Older people are a gold mine of options right now. They have lived through more of life and know times like these.

There is a Mercury-Venus alignment that happens tomorrow with the present Venus retrograde. You might discover that you have a need to understand past relationships and what those connections were really about. Often the answer is not what you thought or what you wanted to hear. But this new perspective is helpful to get a better picture of what is essential for your growth.

~Suzanne Wagner~


When the darkness inside

threatens the light within.

You have no choice

but to begin again.

The darkness holds

the power to hate.

But the light reveals

what wants to obfuscate.

Without the heart

to guide the way,

You will get lost

in your own dismay.

I hear the winds

coming loud and strong.

I know that it will

not be too long,

Before that storm

comes raging in.

And gives us a chance

to connect within.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I have loved this world with all my heart.
I have love the landscapes from the start.
I have loved the colors in the sky.
I have loved watching the clouds drift silently by.
As I child I used to chase the rain.
Reaching up into the sky again and again.
I squealed in delight as the thunder rose.
I stood on the cliffs to watch the purple light shows.
I listened to the birds at the dawn,
Wake me up with their devoted sun song.
I do not understand those that hate.
Or those that allow others to dictate.
In any moment one or all of us can be gone.
Who will be left to sing your song?
Who will remember your kindness and smile?
And the things that were important and worthwhile?
In memory of the dancing heart of Lily Lumiere.
The missing part of our Three Musketeers.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Many of us discovered yesterday that one of the Willits family died in her home. She had a passion for dancing and wanting to move. She loved taking care of the stray cats and spent large parts of her retirement to help spay and neuter them, keep them fed and healthy. She will be missed not just by us but also by the many cats that she tried to help and save. She was a Scorpio through and through. Emotionally courageous and a true “Blue”.

I will miss you Lily. I will miss your smile.
I will miss your grace as you moved down the aisle.
I hope that your next life you get the body you desire.
One that is flexible and still filled with fire.
May the time off in heaven above.
Return to you all that you love.
I will miss you Lily. I will miss your heart.
I hope to see you again when I too depart.
~In Memory of Lily Lumiere~
By Suzanne Wagner


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