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Numerology/Astrology for 5/21/19

5/21/19 is the number 11. Expansion often is the response to contraction. It seems that in life you have to get very, very uncomfortable before you will finally take the risk to expand into the unknown. I personally chose to move when the universe tickles my hand before the universe decides to get my attention by breaking my arm. Once a pattern of change seems to keep coming into my consciousness, I attempt to begin to unravel that pattern that I am currently in so I can calmly and consciously shift without getting slammed. Notice what the universe is trying to get you to notice. And begin to plan for that shift now. Choice is much easier to navigate than resistance. It takes a lot of energy to constantly resist the shifts that the universe is going to make you do with or without your consent.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Tuesday, both the Sun and Mercury align with each other as they move into Gemini. This is a lovely window into the opportunity to see your goals more clearly and it is best to do a lot of short, quick projects and activities for the next 3-4 weeks. Activities that requires deep focus should be put temporarily on the back burner. Mercury with the Sun makes you brave, curious, and bold. You have very wide interests and you are open-minded and want more social engagement. Things move according to plan but change is always welcome. There are demands on your mind and talents. It is a great time to learn more about both.

The Moon moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn while you are sleeping. Your focus goes into a more serious and determined place for the next few days. You may not have much time for leisure and pleasure. After all “duty calls”.

You might find some irritation with some people that seem more quarrelsome and hasty because of the Moon Opposing Mars in Cancer. This aspect can make you spend money in ways that are not the best. Be more careful so you don’t regret your impulsive purchases. There will be an underlying uneasiness.

With the Moon trine Uranus you want to use your awareness with a more genuine  expression. New paths seem interesting. Learning is great here but you do not see the translation to your work just yet.

You are at the door of a potential epiphany. Today you can clear the air or have some confusing matter illuminated. What you say or do has a strong impact for better or for worse. Think before you speak.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Insanity in individual is
something rare – but in
groups, parties, nations,
and epochs, it is the rule.

~Friedrich Nietzsche~







When you feed the dysfunction … it grows.
As it grows, it seeks to interconnect with those
who validate that reality.
It is a tricky thing in life to give others
the opportunity to learn from their choices
and to grow from their mistakes.
It is important to let others have the experiences
that will allow them to discover discernment.
But there is a line.
And that line, when crossed,
is the line of insanity.
Thoughts that intentionally harm the person
or others should never be allowed to continue
to be spewed forth without someone calling
it out for the loss of reason and
compassion that it is.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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