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Numerology/Astrology for 5/21/17

5/21/17 is the number 9. The definition of completion is as follows: The action or process of finishing something, realization, accomplishment, achievement, fulfillment, consummation, finalization, resolution, the end, conclusion, the close of something, cessation, the end of something. So, today, what can you bring to an end? What inner conflict can you allow to rest as it is? Within each of us are conflicts that are hooked to wounds from our past. When situations in our life begin to mimic those past patterns that created the wounding our alarm bells go off inside and often we become defensive and fall into our history and past rather than be fully in this unique and special moment. This is a day when you can step beyond your mental programming and memories if you are willing to be fully here now and in this moment in time. Truly you have not lived this exact moment before. Even historically when you look at times in the past, this moment is clearly defined as unique. Let that stop the past bubbling up of hurts that may or may not apply right now. Let that soothe the nervous system by allowing the calm objectivity to become the dominant experience. Then you will find peace and a state of clarity with the feeling of completion.
The Moon completes its transit of Pisces at 6:12 AM EDT when it enters Aries. The Aries Moon inspires innovation, starting fresh, being a pioneer, and doing that it takes to make a change. With this Moon, you might be looking for quick results but the rest of the astrology reminds you that things of great importance take a tremendous amount of time and energy. The Moon’s sextile to the Gemini Sun this morning is cooperative and friendly but it can also be a bit impersonal. Mercury forms a semi-square to Mars, and impatience or impulsiveness with communications and movements should be watched. You may be a little too quick to argue under this influence. Expect to be working under stressful or hectic conditions. You want to get things done quickly. Because of this you might be inclined to be snappy and irritable, and you may too quickly interrupt others rather than listen. Conflicts of interest are possible but not likely to be serious.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Allow the breath to open your heart.
Allow the wind to show you how to start.
Let nature guide and show you the way.
Let love be the force that illuminates your day.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Wholeness comes when you break down.
Those illusions of grandeur can make you a clown.
The need to be right is a burdensome yoke,
Attached to someone’s wagon whose wheels are broke.
Often we do not see that we carry’s others karmic pain.
By buying into their fear and strain.
When you choose to find inside you
What you look for in others distorted stew,
You will see that there is truth deep inside
And one that aligns and that you can abide.
Truth aligns with a compassionate world.
Truth just naturally opens and uncurls.
All that confusion in which you live,
Is just the reminder that you need to give.
Give up the ego, give up the pain,
Give up the fear and discover what remains.
Ego is heavy, ego is dense.
Ego is that drama that makes your life intense.
Discover that life is to be enjoyed.
When there is true love you do not need Freud.
What will remain when this day is done?
What will you remember? What has been won?
You win when you love again and again.

You win when you do not allow the distain,
To cover your heart and hide your brightest light.
You win when your mind is peaceful at night.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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