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Numerology/Astrology for 5/19/17

5/19/17 is the number 7. This is a number that prefers steps that are clearly defined and no wavering off the path of clarity. This is a left brained number that wants to have patterns that are tried and true from the past and integrated into the future. This is a day when you have the ability to take a step back from your right brain and your emotions and find a more solid place to stand. This is helpful because with the Moon in Pisces all day it is an emotional day. But this number 7 attempts to stabilize that reality into a more practical purpose rather than a reactive emotional one. Now each person is individually attracted to a way of moving and some will fall into the emotional plane of the Moon in Pisces while others are strictly choosing to find the facts and move with those. Just know that this is a day when balance is asking to be achieved inside your own mind. Notice the emotional pulls and remember that those feelings are based in past experiences, traumas, and woundings. It is never a good idea to live in the past when such a pronounced present is asking for you to come into the now. And recognize that you have to balance your emotional, primal, reactive brain with your cognitive, factual, higher brain.
There are a number of somewhat challenging aspects influencing the day. Mars is quincunx Pluto, and this might bring up quite a bit of frustration if you don’t feel in control or effective enough at asserting yourself or getting what you want. There can be passive-aggressive, manipulative, compulsive or impatient behavior now. You don’t want help from others, yet you can feel singled out because of circumstances or the expectations of others. As Venus and the Sun move towards a semi-square, they both clash with Jupiter, pointing to possible excesses and exaggerations. So, expect to hear a lot of bravado and highly distorted layers of perception as some attempt to justify their choices or behaviors. You may feel a compulsion to do more and for your actions to have impact and significance. You can feel some discontent and want to reach for something more or different. Your appetite for pleasure, love, or material things is big. And know that if this is your tendency you may be given to extremes or excess. Over-inflated expectations and the tendency to overstate are things to watch out for. The inclination can be to have so much internal discontent that you lash out at others. Watch for elevated but unstable moods, overestimation, and wastefulness. The Moon is in Pisces all day.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Some things you can never leave behind.
They don’t belong to the past.
They belong to you.

~Rick Yancey, The Fifth Wave~


What this moment in time has done is wake us up to the intense level of corruption that has infiltrated this world and that has been slowly infecting what has been good and wonderful in the world with greed and avarice. The definition of avarice is: insatiable greed for riches; inordinate, miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth. We are living in a moment when you can see that there is a level of intense corruption that is at an unprecedented level in the history of our country. We can no longer be like children believing everything a person says. We have to return to facts and figures that support truth rather than the illusions, delusions, and personal prejudices. It is time for all of us to grow up and use that amazing brain of ours to sort truth from fantasy and take back the control that is slipping away from us. It takes a unified voice of truth to overrule the insanity of the childish narcissism that has overtaken this moment. Are you willing to awaken and step out of your personal childhood and into maturity? That means you must be willing to admit how these life circumstance have caught you in the patterns of denial that have kept you from growing into your potential. It is time. Without enough of us to step out of our prejudices and demanding inner child, this world is in a grave danger of collapsing into the chaos that is being created to destroy everything that we have cherished and held most dear….our freedom.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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