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Numerology/Astrology for 5/18/19

5/18/19 is the number 8. You can learn to flow with what you are feeling or those feelings can overwhelm your psyche and make you miserable. You know which one to choose. Self-discipline is important to learn. After all, if you cannot control your own mind then who can? Some powerful people have learned how to control the masses with fear and mis-information. You do not want to get caught up in their traps. It is a waste of your time. Regrets come from not following your heart but your mind. Deep inside you know what is right. It is simple to follow the journey of just being kind to others. It is difficult when you are triggered and want to blame someone. Today, recognize that everyone is not on an equal level of evolution. You cannot give someone your awareness nor your wisdom. Everyone must find that themselves.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

There is a seasonal Blue Moon on Saturday, May 18 in the Scorpio-Taurus arena. This Full Moon is a Blue Moon, which means, it is the third of four full moons in a season. The earth and water elements are magnified because of the signs it is in, and that provides practical and emotional support. Because the air element is missing you might feel like you are in a comfortable rut. Do your best to be open to new ideas and ways of looking at your life. Taurus helps you understand what you value and desire. Scorpio helps you go to emotional depths do not attempt to force awareness on those that refuse to look at the imbalances within themselves. You cannot recognize the external problems if you have not addressed similar internal ones.

While the physical comforts are important, the push today is to grow in a more spiritual way. As you discover who you really are, life can take on a more magical quality.

There is also a Venus-Uranus alignment, creating a few surprises and perhaps some revelations. The positive connection to Pluto adds conviction to your actions. After all it is about doing the right things for karmic growth and success. Express yourself and let go on rigidity. Take a few risks. Discover how much more there is for you to discover.

Revelations are bursting forth into your consciousness. Now, what are you going to do about them.

Be aware of whims and gossip that is running around. Don’t fall in the traps that can give you a negative reputation. People are short tempered. Give others space to do what they need to do. Little things can make others feel jealousy. Keep your confidence up and the projections of others at bay. It is not worth your energy and time. There are things that need to get done. Do not get distracted.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I will never tolerate
the arrogance of men
that don’t respect women.
I have been in countries
that do whatever they can
to suppress women.
It is an atrocity to see
my fellow sisters in
bondage equal to slavery.

~Suzanne Wagner~






When my husband worked in India there were many times when an Islamic family was at breakfast at the hotel. One breakfast in particular there was an older mother with a husband and a son that must have been 28 years old (approximately). This older woman was clearly not well. She had trouble walking (much less seeing where she was walking covered in a full burka). And the only way she could eat in public was to have her son help her. That was because she needed to lift the face covering discretely enough to allow her son to put food in her mouth. Her family are the only ones allowed to see her face, which he did very kindly and compassionately.

I am sorry but I was horrified. I literally went into physical pain. She had lived in a black prison her whole life. She lived in a world where she was allowed very limited interaction with others. This black cloth was more than just a covering. She was not allowed to interact with others other than her family. She did not speak. She kept her head down like a beaten, frightened dog. She was subdued. She was clearly resigned to this horrible life and was waiting patiently for death to release her from this living nightmare. I felt her bondage. I felt her endless suffering. I felt the hopelessness of her situation. I was grateful for the kindness and tenderness of her son in ministering to her. But her husband never looked at her or spoke to her. It seemed to me that she was nothing to him. And there was nothing that could be done in that situation. All I could do was offer her compassion with my heart, which I did with all the fervor and power I could. I prayed for her to find a life a freedom in another time and place. I prayed for a life of fullness, openness, and joy.

I pray for that for everyone. I pray for a world where religion is not used as a weapon against one type or sex. I pray for a world where religion does not use people as tools of destruction, suffering, and pain. I pray for a world where truths are shared but dogma is never acceptable in any form.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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