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Numerology/Astrology for 5/17/19

5/17/19 is the number 7. Astrologically it is a day for strategies and structure. And the same applies in the numerology. Finding the place where you can balance the creativity of the right brain and the structure of the left brain. Balance is necessary to implement decent structures in life. What is most important is creating structures that allow for respect and decency to be cultivated. Presently in this world freedoms are being systematically destroyed and the targets are the poor, the old, the weak, the immigrants, those different, and women. Those with that agenda and hardwired and have put a lot of time and energy into figuring out systems that allow for the destruction of the American ideals. It is time to stand against the rich, the entitled, and the bullies of this world. To me that is the strategy that will begin to correct the horror that America is becoming. The voices of the people have to be heard.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Friday supports research or conversations on deep topics that make your emotions feel vulnerable.

The Moon is in Scorpio and is working up to the full Moon tomorrow. You may feel the emotions building up in intensity. Artistically you are in a great space to create something new and exciting.

There is a Mercury-Jupiter quincunx that continues to point to some hard choices that need to be made. It may see that your ideas just don’t feel completely correct. Expect to feel wobbly, and not sure of how to reach a decision that seems to work.

This is a moment when you might underestimate a situation wildly. Then you might think that you have a handle on it but you really don’t. There are many details that you are not really looking at clearly and if you do not take the time to consider all those critical details, you will make another choice that is not going to work.

Mercury forms a trine to Pluto early tomorrow but today you will begin to feel it and it makes you want to get to the bottom of something. Make some strategies for your future. It is a great day for personal development and to write, publish, and perform.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“We are not going back.
We are not returning to the days
of back-room abortions,
when countless women
died or were maimed.
The decision about abortion
must remain a decision
for the woman,
her family, and a physician to make,
not the government.”

~Senator Bernie Sanders~






I am sure I am not alone with the horror that is happening in our world and America these days. The war mongering covers all areas. War against Iran, War against decency, War against women, War against immigrants, War against the Constitution, War against the truth, War against nature, War against Climate Change, War against the Poor, War against the health and well-being of the people, War against foreign powers meddling with our voting rights, War against the deception of our own government, War against the Press, War against Korea, etc.

It never seems to stop. It endlessly goes on and I wonder at what it will take for everyone (especially women) to revolt.

And I know it is coming.

I have been warning about this moment since 2016. I have tried in my very limited way to open eyes and minds to what is happening but it amazes me how many decide to not believe how bad it is and that it will go away.

That is what the enemy is counting on. They count on your complacency.

I saw this time coming in 1993 when I looked at the astrology for 2016-2024. Fellow astrologer friends and I could see the split happening in the world (all the way back then) and how the old guard conservatives were going to not go quietly into their self-created “dark night”. That they would fight and try to destroy everything that was modern and innovative in the world because of their fear of losing control.
And lose control they will, because all that happens in the world always moves at a forward pace.

The question that I have attempted to work at in this world is, “How bad is it going to have to get?” And “Can we awaken enough so that the worst-case scenario will not happen?”

My fear now is that we are headed towards a terrible outcome, one way or the other. There is so much anger, rage, and resentment because of the shockingly unconscious choices of lawmakers that the only choice will be some sort of war and revolution. Perhaps that is the only way. But I did not want that to be the case. I believed that we could guide this train off the dangerous tracks and get us back to a reasonable progression rather than off the cliff.
But that seems not to be so, and now it is actually too late.
Too many major irons are in the fire that now have a life of their own. Some things are in motion and now we have to deal with it. We could have stopped it in 2016 but the Fates decided otherwise to teach us a terrible lesson.
The pain in each generation must be felt and experienced to be appreciated.
Some correction can happen if there is a major shift in the 2020 election.
But some things will probably be decided and in motion then.
Undoing the terrible things that this government has done will now take generations to undo.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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