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Numerology/Astrology for 5/17/17

5/17/17 is the number 5. This number is all about earth energy. What do you do today to support the growth of renewables in the world? Can you make a vow to buy products that support this beautiful planet to the best of your ability? When you bring consciousness into your buying choices and become an informed consumer you help this planet begin the healing process from all the greedy and power-oriented forces in the world. Today, plant a tree. Begin that garden that you have been thinking about. Take an action that in the long run supports life. You will know that you are leaving a positive legacy for your children and their children after you are gone. After all it is the small things that we do that over time make a huge difference. It is the small acts of kindness that may over time be overlooked but become a joy and a blessing to later generations. They may never know your name but they will feel the beauty and splendor of your heart.
Jupiter forms a quincunx with Neptune this morning. This long-term aspect first formed on October 23rd, 2016, and will occur again on July 5th, 2017. This creates difficulties with finding limits and expressing boundaries under this influence. Expect to feel disorganized and overwhelmed. It may be difficult to stick to a routine or to find satisfaction with your current pursuits. There can be a strong desire to help others now, but you may not know how to do so and you may feel guilty for not being as effective as you would like. Do your best to not take the easy way out, because the consequences of you doing so will have to be faced down the road. There are no short cuts when it comes to major issues that are up in your life at this moment. Notice where your wishful thinking may mislead you or led you to attempt impractical ideas and plans. The Moon is in Aquarius all day and its trine to Jupiter this afternoon stimulates happy feelings and faithfulness. It is time to tune into the “bigger picture” and take a look outside that bubble you are presently in.

~Suzanne Wagner~



A woman of substance has the courage
to overcome tough times in her life
and pursue her goals
because she stands up
for what she believes in
and never gives up
on her values and virtues.



As you move into the middle of this month take a long, slow, calming breath. That is because we are not yet to the middle of the year and many have a type of deep emotional exhaustion that comes from information overload and attempting to understand the mass amount of information that is out there to sort, analyze, and integrate. As I am sure that you have already found out, you have to take breaks and step out of the chaos from time to time just for sanity’s sake. Falling back asleep is not an option because it would be like trying to sleep while a war is going on outside your house. The energetic intensity is palpable to really everyone to a greater or lesser degree depending on their sensitivity and their ability to block it out. But there seems to be a universal message, and that is that we need to shift and wake up. We can no longer exist in such a narrow band and frequency. We will have to expand our capacity and become more informed and honesty integrated. It is a very good thing even though it feels uncomfortable at this point. Trust in your capacity to change. Trust that you are more than you see in any moment. And know that life will never stop asking you to expand beyond your perceived reality.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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