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Numerology/Astrology for 5/16/19

5/16/19 is the number 6. Your soul is seeking clarity. Your mind wants silence and a calm expression. Your emotions want to find the flow that is less tumultuous in this chaotic world. The number 6 is all about the soul seeking the highest expression of self. It wants to find that place when all the choices and actions in life make sense. Only from viewing things from the highest perspective can you see past the attachments of the ego and the physical world to see into the greater picture of the whole and how small things in your life connect to much bigger things at a later time. From this place, humanity is not in control. Something bigger, vaster, and with more overview is directing the patterns of life in a form that is designed to awaken us to our potential. Unfortunately sometimes to do that, it must show us the dysfunction of our choices and inappropriate actions. And then give the consequences of those actions. That is why contemplation from a quiet place so you can stay within your own center is so important. Without that center, you are at the whim of the trends of energy that swirl constantly around all of us.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

How you communicate is more important on Thursday. A talkative Mercury-Chiron semi-square creates a serious, long-term planning conversation. You may doubt your personal clarity and perceptions.

Mercury also forms a trine to Saturn allowing you to have more detailed word, realistic thinking, and create a more organized, step-by-step approach. This aspect helps you to make more grounded and centered thoughts in these pragmatic earth signs. Conversations are to the point, short and sweet.

Remind yourself to be aware of your personal expectations because those may not pan out the way you expect. Be factually correct and practical in your reasoning.

The Moon is in Libra until dinner time. It helps you see both side of the situation. Then the Moon transits into Scorpio awakening the need to tap into your passions and desires.

With the Moon in Scorpio Opposing Uranus in Taurus, know that eccentric behavior around sexuality is expressed because of misguided emotions. People will be erratic. Mood fluctuations can cause problems. Self-will diffuses into a purely sensual expression. Don’t let it go too far, because without restraint, some emotions can lead to tragic outcomes.

The Moon is also in Opposition to Venus in Taurus. Tension and inhibitions around love matters are being expressed. Be more careful as you are susceptible to the illnesses of others at this time.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“Nothing so needs reforming
as other people’s habits.”

~Mark Twain~






As the world continues towards the brink of war on multiple fronts, I am amazed that there is not more outrage happening as our constitutional rights continue to be discarded and thrown away as trash. At this point, it is clear that there is so much happening that is threatening our rights on so many fronts that if you are still sitting quietly and not doing anything then I don’t know if anything will light a fire under those Americans.
Know that it is only the people that can stop this train, as the Constitution is preparing to careen off the rails of a bridge that is out with engineers at the controls that have the strong agenda to destroy that which has made the United States a world power.
I personally attempt by what and who I support to dismantle some of those rails so that it just might slow that train down but none of us can stop that train alone.
I know that many of you also feel that way.
I have tried over the last few years to show the trajectory of the astrology that is leading us towards terrible global upsets.
What is clear that while you can often see what is happening, humanity must go through those horrors in order to learn the lessons.
I always hope that there are strong minds and voices that can change the course that is laid out so simply and plainly. It takes those with a mind that sees beyond the illusion of ego to invoke such changes.
I believe that many see it.
I believe that this reality has been carefully constructed to thwart the efforts of those with the clarity and good intention to awaken humanity to what is happening.
To me it has never been so clear how strong the evil in the world can be and the power that money and greed still holds over humanity.
I continue to believe that there are enough people that will stand up against such hatred and tyranny and hatred.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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