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Numerology/Astrology for 5/13/19

5/13/19 is the number 3. The power of the positive mind is the number 3. And while it is a bit of a wild ride, it is active, generous, hopeful, and caring. A smile will go a long way today. Many people are feeling the stress of this endless distortion wave that seems to be our present life and circumstances. The news is no longer a place of informed relaxation and information but a constant pyroclastic flow of toxins that are being expressed in the intention of spreading hate and hopelessness. This is why a smile and kindness go a long way in such times. You have to fight the negativity and delusions with connection, caring, and kindness. No matter what, the majority of the planet do not want it to be destroyed. That I know. But now the question is, “What will you do to save it?” “What part do you wish to save?” and “Will that be enough?”
~Suzanne Wagner~



Astrology Today

Monday supports gently and humbly standing in your power, but don’t get pushy as transforming Pluto stimulates you make needed changes.

The detailed oriented Virgo Moon is attempting to help you learn aptitude and awaken you mind. Move this energy in the direction of the arts. After all you need the attention to detail of the Trine with Taurus and the creative expression in order to alter the mindset that holds you in places that no longer serve.

The Moon opposes Neptune and this brings with it sometimes an imbalanced oversensitivity. Do your best to not over-react. Your thinking is muddled and truths are not as hard and fast as you might think. Some people will be a bit day dreamy, while others uneasy and capricious.

The Sun in Taurus will Trine Pluto. Bringing popularity and the ability to carry out big things. You can get it done if you put your mind to it.

The Moon Trines Saturn offering responsibility and organizational talent. Once again, helping you to your goals. You feel reliable and others can depend upon you. Objectives are faced and you are enthusiastic and deliberate in your actions. It is a very good day for your career and a great start to the week.

The Moon squares Jupiter, which can cause some trouble with authorities. So don’t tempt fate. Follow the laws and stay alert when driving. Don’t take risks that can get you in trouble. It is your mood that could get you into trouble. This is also not the day to over drink or indulge too far. You may regret it.

There is a Mercury-Mars semi-square bringing with it impatience and impulsive behavior. Be more diligent in your communications with others. Specificity is going to be helpful.

There is pressure to get things done quickly. You may be irritable as you try to do too much and this day can feel hectic if you don’t follow a plan. Remember to listen. Others are not going to be happy if you keep interrupting. Conflicts will happen but if you stay in a listening and open mode, they will not be serious.

You want to know the next step to take but it has not really fully presented itself to you. You want the freedom of a new adventure but there is a restlessness as you are not sure what you want.

In the evening there is a Sun trine to Pluto and this allows for the expansion of cooperation, focus and ability. You have the resources that you need. You have to gravitate towards the things that mean something to you. You have resources that you are not yet using and you can now mobilize them into directions that support this emerging new you.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength.”
~Eric Hoffer~

“Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men.”








I think one of the greatest lessons I learned in life was to listen and to never think that I know everything. That was difficult for me because I lived in a home with a lot of very smart people and there was almost a type of competition for who was right. I learned very quickly that at a young age, you were really never going to be right. Information and education were tailored to the level of mental acuity and ability that you had. And in my house, there were super smart people that would always correct you as to the many levels of information that you were not being given or aware of. It was frustrating and irritating because teachers seemed to know things but then my father would give me Class 201 and above.
Humbleness is a good skill to learn.
Learning to let in more information is important.
There will always be those who are more skilled and knowledgeable than you. And you need to learn to listen. Pretending you know everything is a lie. Projecting that you know everything is exhausting. It is a false self that cannot be maintained for long.
It is just easier to listen, let information in, evaluate it based on facts and truth, and make adjustments to your reality.
That is the easier way to  live.
But you need to also recognize those who are attached to their information and being right. Because they also are clearly… not clear. Nor do they have the facts. They just spread opinion and prejudice.
Once you learn the skill of listening, you can also detect attachment, ego, and self-righteousness in the tone and expression of that information.
Those that use distortion as a means to confuse and make you uncertain, off center, and question yourself, are intentionally playing a game of manipulation.
I have been around some of the best at this game and I can read it a mile away. Now, this is nothing that I ever fall for.
You learn this lesson well, after making that mistake and getting hurt.
Know that everyone will make this mistake. Know that your only failure is in not making the correction once you recognize how your choices and actions contributed to the suffering.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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