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Numerology/Astrology for 5/10/19

5/10/19 is the number 9. Feel into the organic flow in life. Step outside of the news that is being forced down your throat and take in “real” life. And most importantly, do what you can to ease the burdens of others. Whether they be human or animal. None of us can fix all the things happening in the world but you can ease the suffering of those in your immediate contact. Often, saving the world is one kind choice in any moment that allows for a different experience and something that brings hope into what seems hopeless. I personally feed the birds. The wild birds that live in the forest of my home. I have boxes for owls to nest in. And those owls take care of the moles and small rodents that love to invade. There are constructive ways to support life and handle challenges without the obvious human short cuts that cause imbalances in this world. It is time for humans to think inclusively rather than from the quick fix place that has caused so much harm to this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon moves from Cancer into Leo mid-morning. We move from home and connection into a more self-confident place. Leo Moon’s like a bit of drama. Performing is a great thing when you feel creative, flirty, and filled with life.

The Leo Moon squares Uranus, so watch out for people who are not in control of their emotions. Bad tempers are on the surface. Just don’t pick a fight. You might be poking a bear. And that would be unwise today. Moods change in a heartbeat. There is a lot of willfulness especially in love dynamics.

The Moon squares Mercury also in Taurus. Serious considerations need to be given to all choices and decisions. Be especially careful because thoughts can deviate from the truth. Difficulties can arise suddenly without much forethought.

Mercury challenges an aspect of Jupiter making decisions more impulsive. Know that your reactions to news and communications are a bit over the top. Restraint is in order.

There is a restlessness and a tendency of overlook details. As the day progresses you acquire more self-discipline and restraint.

Notice the limitations in your life. It is time you accept them and that will allow you to feel more grounded in an unstable world.

Enjoy your work. It has more consistency than love life at this time.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“The earth will not
continue to offer its
harvest, except with
faithful stewardship. We
Cannot say we love the
land and then take steps
to destroy it for use by
future generations.”
~John Paul II~





I want to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.
I choose to be the constant in an inconsistent world.
I am the rain in the dry desert of the mind.
You can help someone right now.
You can make the difference.
Education is not just about book learning.
It is about spreading love and serving others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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