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Numerology/Astrology for 4/8/17

4/8/17 is the number 4. This is the number associated with the Emperor Card in the Tarot. This is a number of fate. There are moments when you will feel as if you have no control. But you do. You have control over your emotions and actions as you move forward. You can choose to not engage in rhetoric and negativity. The projections that others have on you are never relevant. No one really knows another person nor do they know the deeper layers and truths that you hold tight to your chest. It is only by building your own firm foundation that you can stand against the onslaught of negativity in the world. This is a number that requires disciplined harmony in order to maintain systems. The 4 energy does not want to be told what to do and tends to become quickly argumentative and suddenly aggressive when it is pushed beyond its patience or endurance.
There is a rather challenging energy today as Venus and Saturn form a square and so do the Sun and Pluto. Venus and Saturn will meet in a square again on the 21st after Venus turns direct on the 15th, thus extending the influence of this usually short transit. The Venus-Saturn square will bring up insecurities about relationships, money, and the state of comfort. Insecurities can cloud your judgment of worth and value for the time being. Gaining your goal can be complicated as your expectations can interfere with what is possible. You may be looking for more than is possible in the moment. Expect there to be many difficulties socializing as a result from an increased sensitivity to rejection as well as stiffness with your positions and perspectives. The Sun-Pluto square will push fears and buried emotions to the surface. Putting faith and trust in others can be difficult if not impossible. You will hold back because you are feeling uncertain about the future. The Moon is in Virgo all day, and pouring some of your energy into detail work may be helpful.

~Suzanne Wagner~



My soul remembers the possibility of peace.
My soul remembers a time and space
where compassion is more important than power.
My soul remembers that possibility.
Does yours?

~Suzanne Wagner~
I knew last September that 2017 would be a year of the Warrior. There was so much that I saw that I did not put out because I do not believe in feeding the negative. I even checked my work with others who do similar things as myself in the metaphysical world that are older and more renowned to see if I was very wrong and off with my Predictions for 2017. They answer as a consensus was “No, that is correct.” At which point I said, “There is no way I can say all of that.” Their response was, “No, you can’t.” There are moments when knowing things does you no good. There are moments when the atmosphere is so toxic and heated that you cannot in good conscientious say certain things. There are moments when you realize that there is something in motion that is bigger than anything you can directly impact. I believe in a world that will teach us lessons in a somewhat harsh and difficult way. There are moments when we will not learn until certain situations unfold in a particular pattern. I tried to warn everyone in the gentlest of ways that January was the best month of this year. Now, we are standing on the verge of war and the dogs of war do not ever want to be held back. Again, I will not put out things that feed these dogs. It is a personal choice. Knowing information is not really important. Knowing when to speak and when to not speak is where the clarity of wisdom comes in. I choose to be a teacher of consentience, compassion, love, and expansion…… Not a talk show host. I learned a long time ago that being right is about ego. What I choose to do is support the compassion and internal stability that is needed inside each individual rather than come from a place where my knowledge puts me in the spotlight. During such difficult and dangerous times, it is about having a strong center. Only that will allow you to keep going.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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