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Numerology/Astrology for 4/6/18

4/6/18 is the number 3. Sometimes it takes loss to happen for the true love and feeling inside to come back out. It is when things are taken from us that we learn to appreciate what we had instead of complaining about what we did not have. Negativity generates more negativity. Positive energy promotes more positive things to happen and come your way. But there are moments (such as this one) that the negative is so strong that life itself recoils from the venomous and toxic hate that is bleeding out into the world and the force of good explodes into a highly active and organized fashion to stop the destruction of things that promote life giving and life fulfilling ways. Let life ignite you too. Let it motivate you into organized and active choice. Become one with the storm of change. It is happening regardless of your participation but what fun if you are historically a part of such a transformational moment in history!
Yes, the world continues to feel like it is upside down. While some may feel it is best to hide, others are recognizing that putting themselves on the back burner for too long has not worked and is not fulfilling. The theme seems to be to put yourself first. Only then will you have the energy you need to move through the density of so many big planets being in winter. So much energy in winter signs (Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto) forces contemplation and slow, intentional changes. The Moon is in Sagittarius today. You know you want to get moving. You know that you need a change and you need something different. You are finally done with repeating certain patterns and need a break from the repetition. The Moon squares Neptune and there is also a Mercury-Saturn square this morning. So, do your best to manage your expectations. Change is required but be grounded and realistic is how long those changes might take to have the outcome you seek. You continue to seek to find the right balance between your right and left brain. There is a tug of war between your practicality and your creativity. If you manage to find that perfect balance you will be very productive today. Do your best to cooperate with others. This Sagittarian Moon forms a trine to the Sun in Aries improving your listening capacity and your willingness to compromise with others. Metaphorically, you are going to “play well” with others today.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Misery is a choice
to fall into the
mental assumptions
because of external situations.
Compassion is
a different choice
to the same external triggers.
One chooses suffering
and to feel as if the world
is punishing them.
And one chooses
the external challenges
as an opportunity
to let more love in.

~Suzanne Wagner~



In the light, in the sun.
All of life becomes one.
In the truth of your fear
What you believe can become tears.
In the moments of the past
Is history’s wisdom that’s amassed.
But it is you that must take the time
To open an book and read between the lines.
You cannot understand the complexity and depth
If you live your life in three minute sects.
Such behavior only grows
Ignorant people that believe they know.
When in truth they are puppets of pain,
Used by the powerful in their war game.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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