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Numerology/Astrology for 4/21/18

4/21/18 is the number 9. Complete those projects that are right there waiting for your time and attention. Enjoy it and have fun with the energy of spring. Life is about creating and bringing beauty into the world. Do things that fill your soul and spirit with life and energy. Put your hands in the dirt and let life ground you back into the heart and soul of real life. With all our electronic equipment we become numb to what is happening out there in real life. Put down the phones and computers and go outside for a walk. Be one with nature and allow another type of knowledge and wisdom to fill your soul and spirit with life. When you feel full and complete you will relax and others will find it easy to be in your presence.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today

The weekend we get to experience the loving and nurturing effects of a Cancer Moon. So, go work in the garden, have a healthy meal with loved ones, beautify your home, and share on a deep emotional level with others. Take a good look at your family and those you care the most about. Are you giving them the attention and love that you truly feel inside. Why hold back. In any moment any of us can no longer be here. It is in these moments that you can make that loving connection that can be a guide and support to others even if you are no longer here. Learning to love in the way that allows powerful memories that help us through tough times is what today is all about. This lovely Cancer Moon is opposing Saturn, Mars, and Pluto, creating tension and making responsibilities come to the top of your awareness. You can do what needs to be done and feel that heart opening and connection. Try to not let your competitive nature ruin your day. And impatience will actually work against you and slow things down rather than speed them up. There is a trine between Neptune and Jupiter, so let your creativity find the way through the drama into realness and satisfaction. If we all work together, there is hope for this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~




“Nobody is superior,
nobody is inferior,
but nobody is equal either.
People are simply unique,
You are you,
I am I.”




How do we teach those with so much anger to love?
How do we value truth more than what our mind wants to believe?
How do we find the peace and contentment that is the right of every human being?
How do we create a society where one horrible, power-hungry, mentally ill person is not allowed to destroy all that had taken hundreds of years to build?
If we cannot figure that out, if we cannot take back what was ours from the beginning and our birthright, perhaps we don’t deserve to keep it.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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