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Numerology/Astrology for 4/20/19

4/20/19 is the number 9. I often think that completion of the journey and experience of this human condition is about integration between our higher mind and out primal self. Getting those two to work in tangent is a challenge because one is designed to protect and defend and the other wants to observe, analyze, and conclude. But there is a glue that can hold the two of them together. And that is intuition. Intuition can feel in the gaps that exist between these very different perspectives. It can weave a connection to validate both without denying either. And intuition is deeply connected to the heart. The survival instincts are one thing, the cognitive ability to make sense out of things quite another. But to be able to use both and then allow intuition to connect the dots that are not clearly defined is a skill that takes practice and grounded connection through the heart to all things in life. You cannot have good intuition if you judge anyone or anything else as inferior or superior. We are all gifted with these same tools. It is up to each of us to use them wisely and for the greater good.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Today we move into Taurus. The spring sign that is all about practicality, relationships, intimacy, comfort, and connection. Priorities rearrange around family and the home. Perfect for getting all that spring cleaning set up so you can make your home, yard, and garden ready for all the beauty you want to create in your world.

At the same time, Venus enters one of her least favorite signs, Aries until May 15. This adds to the Full Moon re-balancing of self vs partnership. Expect an adventurous side to peak out into your world. Be aware that you might feel a bit more impulsive. Use it with consciousness. It is great to be passionate and ardent when it is channeled appropriately. Avoid hasty decisions and actions. Make your life beautiful and refined.

The Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune so you might just be pleasantly surprised. Imagination is heightened and your intuition is more accurate than normal. Open your mind to artistic endeavors.

The Moon sextile Saturn makes you feel not just responsible but more reliable also. You have objectives. It is time to face them. You may feel inspired by enthusiastic personal deliberation.

The Moon also sextiles Pluto, allowing an arising of increased interest in traveling and creating a life more rich and experiential.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act
spontaneously, without needing to know why. The
why question leads to indecision, anxiety, caution
and self-limitation. There are all responses which
originate in fear-based emotions.

~Sylvia Clare~





I reflect often on how many times I would be dead without my intuition and knowing how to trust it. Because you cannot blindly trust such a subtle energy without having some internal system of checks and balances. I believe intuition has been given to all of us in order to learn how to balance the energies of this dimension with the more spiritual and subtle energy dimensions that co-exist within our world.
Some people prize knowledge above all things. But that is just a level of mental discipline and integrative awareness that is necessary to navigate this reality. Primal instinct is there to allow us to survive in impossible situations and to give us the drive to keep going beyond our normal abilities and stamina. And intuition gives  you the insights that are not necessarily logical but end up being essential to making the correct choices that lead to survival.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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