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Numerology/Astrology for 4/18/18

4/18/18 is the number 6. The sound of silence and stillness is essential for health. In our world of constant noise and chatter, being in silence is not only healing but revealing. In silence you can hear your conscience. In silence you can hear beyond the word pollution of this world. In silence you can reconnect to all of life. There is a great deal being said in the world of nature through silence. 80% of communication is non-verbal. So, when you overload yourself with information from the television or radio too much you are actually not programming your mind with true information, but you are brainwashing yourself with the choices and information you are letting in. Silence lets in more information by a long shot. Because in silence, you do not learn about a thing you learn by experiencing that thing fully without a slant or distortion. Today, minimize the brainwashing of your mind. Learn to discover your core essence and how that essence is connected to the world. Then move from that place of certainty.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today.

Let’s be honest. Inside of you is an eccentric self that refuses to fit into most boxes that the world would force onto you. Wednesday is a day to give that part some play time. The Sun and Uranus line up exactly this morning so help yourself out and just be silly, different, unique, and engaging in a fun and funny way. People need a good laugh right now and the ridiculous is my favorite way to celebrate this moment. The Moon is in Taurus until this evening EDT, and then it enters the sign of Gemini. The Sun and Uranus coming together at the end of Aries says it is time for some stimulating change, upsets, disruptions, shifts in perception, changes in priorities and directions, and to find freedom. It is as if the stroke of midnight has happened and your illusionary carriage turns back into a pumpkin and your cloths of great finery once again become rags. And yet, now, finally your eyes are opened as your ego awakens. Yes, you were in a dream. Yes, you were sleeping. And no, you were not in the real world. Because of that there will be sudden changes. The defiant and rebellious energy inside of you is appalled and finally willing to step out of the poisonous reality that you were being spoon fed. The world is beginning a new cycle that is progressive, independent, and truthful. The odd, unique, weird, and unusual things in you are shining in a very bright light. The old rules, the old guard, the laws that are restrictive, and the prejudice are becoming less tolerable now. This Sun-Uranus aspect helps you realize that to make progress, change will have to happen. The reactiveness lessens because you have a new level of detachment and a decrease in needing to make others feel okay. It is time to make the necessary changes and break free from limiting circumstances. As the day progresses the Gemini Moon makes things more changeable, sociable, and curious.
~Suzanne Wagner~




Today the light begins to burn
away the karmic blight and turn.
Turn towards truth, turn towards life.
And minimize the pain and strife.
You have within a place of calm
that sees beyond life’s sitcom.
You want to make a better world.
And let freedoms flag unfurl.
~Suzanne Wagner~



I was born under a Uranus/Sun Conjunction light, like today. But mine was in Leo. It is one of the reasons that I cannot condone or even stomach outright lies and flagrant distortions of the truth. I am gifted and cursed to see the truth behind the lies and that is the nature of my work in this world. I remember seeing an old movie where there was a psychic that was given the gift of intuition and insight. But the downside was that to keep that gift they had to tell the truth all the time no matter what. I often feel like that character in that movie. Now, that does not mean that I am 100% correct all the time because each of us are human beings down on this planet doing our own karmic journey and we are here to learn and grow in our own unique soup of challenges, obstacles, upsets, and patterns towards awakening. And it is always easier to see someone else’s pattern over my own. But today, there is a shift that seems to finally crack that hard shell of ego that has been like cement for some who are holding onto such distortion and hate. Today, a clear crack forms in that cement and now no matter what anyone does, water, heat, cold, and light is going to expand and contract that crack and break down that shield of dishonor that some believed would protect them.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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