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Numerology/Astrology for 4/16/19

4/16/19 is the number 5. Keep both feet on the ground and look both ways before crossing the streets. It’s a bit crazy out there. Full presence is what is required for all activities. Don’t let life throw you off your center. Healing is the emblem of this number and sometimes the physical world requires more time than you mind would want. But in the end, you have to be willing to do what it takes to make things happen. You can either be at the whim of the waves or make a few of your own.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Virgo adding order and structure to your day. But it is in Opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This may cause flights of fancy, passivity, over sensitivity, and mental interference. Your thinking might keep jumping around so remember that truth is relative. You continue to feel uneasy but your passionate side is alive and well.
The Moon Trines Saturn in Capricorn offering up responsibility and more organization. The goals have shifted to a new emerging dream. There is a clarity and objectivity as your mind is inspired in more deliberate ways. This is great energy for motivating you towards career.
The Moon also Trines Pluto. On an emotional level it puts you in a more vulnerable and tender mood. It is attempting to get you to re-orient yourself around some new priorities. This newfound depth and sentimentality can lead you to new doors and shows that you are changing and looking at things on a career front differently.
This evening the Moon Squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. This type of aspect can make you have run-ins with the law. Extravagance is not going to be taken well by the authorities. Drinking is not advised at this time. Your bile and liver are unusually weak under this aspect.
Overall a decent but emotional day. Rein in those places you want to go too far. Excess will only lead to more problems.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Everyone has doors in the living room of their
lives that they assume are locked. Doors that
lead to artistic expression. People say “I have no
I can’t dance or sing or paint or write poetry
or play an instrument.” More often than not the
doors are not locked, just closed. One may turn
the handle, open the door and pass through into
a larger life space.
~Robert Fulghum~






With the fire at Notre Dame, it is not hard to see the multifaceted metaphorical meaning to this one event in relation to the world. I have spoken often over the past many years how the Divine Mother is attempting to warn us. Attempting to get our attention. Attempting to steer us off a destructive course that seems to continue to spiral out of control. This is one more of her attempts to wake us back up and remember what is important.
I am reminded of another powerful moment in history when two great women died a week apart. Princess Diana died August 31, 1997 and then on September 5, 1997, Mother Teresa died. That moment also was profound because two very different types of mothers left us.
Archetypically, Diana was our modern side that tried to break out of the dogma of old rules and structures. She was a protector of children and those suffering. She cared not for old stereotypes or sexual orientation and treated all as equals. Mother Teresa was a religious figure that many considered a saint. She was the older school mother but still unconditionally loving and chose to serve those that had nothing and care for those that others saw as worthless.
Notre Dame is the symbol of the “Mother Church”. The very heart of the Catholic Church. She is feminine and in general, “fire” tends to burn away in the heat the negative “Karma” that has been accumulated by the Catholic Church over the centuries. Religions are not bad. But the humans that attempt to interpret the laws of great saints and teachers, or God, fail again and again. Everyone is down here doing karma. And the recent revelations from the very honest Pope reveal the dark and dirty secrets that have been festering in the toxic environments of rigid, fundamentalist, dogmatic, beliefs for way too long. The feminine is waking up. The feminine is not going to allow itself to be dumped on any more. Times change and this is at least a good change and flow in a direction that has needed to happen for a long time. How it will unfold is going to be interesting for all to see. We have stood on an old path for too long and now this shift is going to open previously closed doors.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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