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Numerology/Astrology for 4/17/19

4/17/19 is the number 6. Going within is often the only way, the only door, and really the only answer. The external is a huge distraction from your authenticity if you have not yet discovered it. Longing to be something that you are not pulls you in directions that do not allow for a natural evolution of your spiritual consciousness. When you are reaching you are not always reaching from a place of ease but a place of lack of self-worth. “If only I could be….” Egos love to play the game of not being worthy of things. It is such a lie. You are worthy because you are here. You are worthy because you would not be at this place and time without the skills to be able to take things up to a new level. That choice of going to that new level is completely up to you. All things take effort. Not all things have to be hard.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

With the Moon in Libra, you long for more harmony and balance in your life. What is out of balance is often what is no longer necessary for your growth and needs to be let go. It is the love we feel for others that creates attachments that continue to pull the scales out of balance. But there is a feeling now that what you need to do is essential for you and other agendas are becoming less and less of a pull. Choice is also what Libra is about and to choose, you have to often follow the gut, not the mind. Be open to the moment for that conversation that is to set you free from your past desire to help others at the expense of yourself.

As Mercury is not in Aries, a period of communication is now raising to a new level. Success is supported by an active mind that is constructive in its organization and concrete in its choices. For some this is going to appear as fierce discussions with hints of severity. Use this energy to co-create vivid and new loud clarifications to what needs to happen next for you.

With the Moon in Opposition to Mercury it is a good day to expand or enhance your spiritual gifts. But stick to the truth ruthlessly. Difficulties arise quickly when you live in supposition.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“Chaos is a ladder”

~Game of Thrones

What Bran Stark said to Little Finger~






Chaos is a pack of wolves you hear in the distance.
Chaos is the antidote to complacency.
As the howling gets closer there is a desire to run.
But run where? What are you running from? What are you running towards?
If you cannot answer those questions then you sit and wait.
The more fear you hold the longer you wait.
And the closer those wolves get.
Those wolves are your wildness that is calling out to you.
Where are you? We are over here! We are coming to find you!
If you fear your own wildness, you will freeze up.
If you embrace your wildness, their call stirs something deep inside.
If you fear conflict you are not in touch with your wildness.
If you fear being wrong you are not in touch with your wildness.
But those wolves will never stop stalking you on the inner and outer planes.
You are a part of this wild planet.
Wildness is in your nature.
You cannot tame it with books and knowledge.
Wildness is a “She”.
And “She” cares not about your opinions.
“She” cares only about you reclaiming your own experience.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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