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Numerology/Astrology for 4/10/19


4/10/19 is the number 8. Understanding why things repeat and the patterns that have cast shadows over your life is essential for finding the maturity we all seek. While I understand that desire to live in the moment and flow from a spontaneous place, there are also moments when you have to step through habits and genetic patterns of your body/mind. Each of us is here to improve on the pattern. But many unconsciously continue the patterns (whether good or bad) of our genetic inheritance. Can you see which parent you modelled yourself off of? Can you recognize that patterns that are ripe to move into new places and spaces? We inherit patterns of fear, shame, guilt, insecurity, uncertainty, abandonment, and betrayal, not just physical characteristics. The way to shift them is to be hyper aware of them. In recognizing that you are acting like you mother or father in a bad moment you pull yourself out of repetition and into choice. Intense emotions of the number 8 either control you or you learn to manage them. You can’t really control them without the potential consequence of stuffing it in a corner and wanting to forget about it. That will always blow up in your face later. I prefer to manage them. Meaning that I give them a voice and listen to their perspective and allow it to be valid and true for them. But all perspectives do not get to manifest. You are the master of your subconscious if you will listen and pay attention to what it is attempting to tell you. Insights are always helpful though not always used in the format that they are given. You are the weaver of your destiny. You take what you know, recognizing that you cannot possibly have all the information, and you stay open to integrating the things and tools that you are lacking. In that way, you evolve and chose to not become complacent.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Sun is Making a challenging square to Saturn when most of the USA is asleep Wednesday morning. Let’s just say it is not a good time to force anything.

Then at 10 AM Pacific time, enthusiastic Jupiter stations and begins to turn retrograde until August 11.

This retrograde gives you time to rethink what you really want and what your goals are in the long run. Perhaps you thought you knew what you wanted but now you have to develop a strategy for getting there and stay open to new insights to help you accomplish your task.

You might recognize the places that you have been excessive and that awareness can help you in the long run. There are some intense truths that are presenting in this astrology and you might finally realize that you have to let go of frivolousness and childish behavior in favor of a more mature viewpoint that requires effort and sacrifice. It will be worth it in the end. But now you have to get going. That is because you are going to run out of energy and time if you wait too long to get started. Just remember, windows open but windows also close.

You long for many things and have an idealistic view of the possibilities. That is not a bad thing but just remember, coming back down to earth later can be a bit bumpy. Best to take in the reality and the dream and find out how to work them together.

Mercury sextile Pluto today. This can help you gain a new and deeper insight into what is really going on. If you sit in an open places you might just finally see what you have had trouble understanding. You might recognize what kept you stuck in a challenging circumstance for so long.

The Moon enters Cancer tonight when most are winding down or sleeping. Know tomorrow is a cozy, comfy day.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Why do I write?
Because it helps me see.
It allows me to
understand what I feel.
It forces me to give
voice to those feelings.
You cannot become
when you write.
You cannot remain asleep.
It gives your subconscious
mind a doorway to show you
what you are missing.
~Suzanne Wagner~






I hate excuses.
I hate stories.
A child mind justifies
and makes up a story.
A child mind does not
apologize because it
cannot see anything
but what it wants.
Many atrocities have
been committed by those
who were very good at
creating stories to
justify their horrible
Your mistakes teach you.
But many act like their
mistakes are attacking them.
A mistake is a stepping stone.
A mistake is a lesson
not a loss.
Mistakes are never the end….
They are the beginning
of real growth.
In those moments we
fear our vulnerability.
But mistakes are the
doorway to real connection.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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