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Numerology/Astrology for 3/8/19


3/8/19 is the number 5. Let’s face it. Earth is an amazing adventure. It is a full body experience in life. It is emotional, complex, diverse, constantly changing, challenging, loving, healing, sympathetic, merciful, resourceful, and inventive. It is a wondrous journey if you fully embrace it and allow all of its magic to overwhelm your old control mechanisms and allow the freedom of the moment and experience to inform you to the many levels of beauty and complexity that you have been missing or have become numb to. When you look at life as a passionate traveler in this realm then the more subtle energies become obvious and the interconnectedness to all things expands you beyond your mind and into your heart. The number 5 seeks to find stability. But it allows the flow of change to bring the freedom you seek. Find the fun. Find the flow. You are a natural detective for the complexity of life. But it is time for some change. Shake it up in productive ways. You will feel more alive and connected to what is really important.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon continues in Aries. You want to move forward in new and original ways. Initiate a new plan of action. Progress is forward not backward.

The Sun-Saturn sextile energy happening will be exact tomorrow, but you are feeling it today. It will add to the impulsive quality of today.

You work today on grounding and want to give you a sense of rhythm and help pace you in a more productive way. It is clear that putting ego to the side is the agenda. This influence has a beautiful potential to help us stay humble and learn to accept ourselves as we are. And also to accept constructive criticism and advice. It supports types of self-discipline that allows for a stronger purpose and a more practical way to live our life.

The way through this is to create realistic plans and goals. All moves should be safe and conservative now.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“I don’t believe people are looking
for the meaning of life as much as
they are looking for the experience
of being alive.”

~Joseph Campbell~







What makes you feel alive? There are many things that work for me. Dancing, doing readings with others, speaking in groups, writing, sex, walking in nature, talking in depth with my husband and loved ones, being with those from my past, writing, cuddling with animals, buying things that someone else really needs and wants, cooking incredible meals. Needless to say, there is a lot to live for. What makes your life feel awake and amazing? It is those things that become the anchors for you in difficult times. It is those things that give you hope in times of struggle that keep you going past the challenges and into the potential of who you really are. Let that inner child within you wonder. Let that inner child explore and marvel at new things. Let the sensations of being alive overwhelm your mind. Happiness can be the small surprises of life. There is great joy in the small wonders also.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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