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Numerology/Astrology for 3/7/19

3/7/19 is the number 4. When balance is the focus, peace is possible. Where is there balance, or a lack thereof in your life? Balance can only happen when lines of communication are open, and the listening of both sides is activated. The challenge is that everyone is not on the same evolutionary level. There are those that are still on the primal warfare level of consciousness. They believe that they only way to get ahead is to fight to the death about something that they need and prize. There are many different societies that live on this level of consciousness. They fight first and justify their choices and actions. They use fear as a way to control populations. They think that more weapons make them strong. When all it does is continue to destroy their own people, their own society, and their homes and agriculture. It becomes a useless quest and a great waste of money, lives, and hope. But it is interesting how many still operate from this lower level of awareness. It is the game of the powerless seeking power but not knowing that they are being manipulated and used by forces greater than themselves. Such countries and societies become puppets to the powerful. They are exploited and their resources are used by those that want to keep their society in conflict so those in power can plunder those lands. Such actions just continue the destructive tendencies of historic patterns of manipulation. It again, constantly amazes me how little people know about history. If it were up to me, I would require extensive history so mankind could learn the mistakes that it makes over and over again. Only then could you raise up a society to a level of consciousness that could make other’s choices rather than fall into the past habits of dysfunction. Balance can only come from knowledge. Neutrality can only come from integrated wisdom. If you have not had an experience that is personal and deep around a particular subject, it is highly likely that you have no ability to have a constructive answer that will work for the greater good of all.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Get physical from Thursday afternoon through Saturday under an Aries Moon. It is good for taking on projects, but don’t make them too big as Aries has a bad habit of not finishing everything it starts.

Mercury Semi-squares Mars and this can make you a bit more on edge and argumentative. With Uranus in Taurus we are also expecting the unexpected and what form that may take is anyone’s guess. But one way of looking at this is that the last time Uranus shifted we had earthquakes in Japan and the following nuclear disaster. When Uranus drifted into Taurus in May of 2018, Kilauea blew up. And since Taurus rules the earth, land, earthquakes, weather, lightning strikes, etc. I expect some more cosmic and grand shifts as the earth decides to wake up and tell us a few things about our choices. This aspect also rules food and the concept of farming. I expect some changes in our farming methods. I personally pray for more organics and more respect for our farmers. A society that bankrupts the farmers is a sign of a pending disaster for a society. I also expect the storms like hurricanes and tornados to be wildly bad this year and then the many years to come. I expect new laws on housing to be implemented that all homes on certain coastlines have to be hurricane proof. Otherwise the insurance companies are going to go belly up.

When we are in such times of transition know that it can be a bit stressful and hectic in your life. You will feel the pressure mounting and while you want to get things done quickly remember that big planets are frozen in the winter signs. There are no quick fixes or easy outs.

This is a time when you want to get going but you may not have the tools you need to get the job done. Once again, it will take longer than expected.

While new ideas are lovely today, they may not mount to anything of value later. So hold back a bit. Your energy is all in your mind and not yet into your body that can make it happen.
~Suzanne Wagner~


A wise man can learn more from a
foolish question than a fool can
learn from a wise answer.

~Bruce Lee~







Looking out into the foggy, misty morning here in northern California. Grateful for the rain regardless of the potential fire danger later in the fall. The birds are happily searching for the seeds I put in the feeders and on the ground for them. The quail are very happy. The few remaining year-round hummingbirds seem to be absent. Probably because of the wet conditions. They are rarely gone for more than a few days. When life seems too much because of obvious circumstances I am grateful each and every day that I look out to this very natural landscape. While none of us can fix the dysfunction of this man-made insanity you can do small things. Our land uses no pesticides, no chemicals, no products that are unnatural. We try to give nature a fighting chance to do what it has always done, just survive. Humans attempt to control the environments and mold them into what it wants. I personally attempt to allow what is to remain. The less we mess with things the less we mess them up. That seems to be a better motto to me. Support life by giving permission for that life to have its own spaces and places. How hard is that? Oh, yea! It is hard for those souls that are exploiters and plunderers of this world. We can find ways to be smart and feed this world while allowing nature to co-exist with us. We do not need to destroy the very life that has given us life in order to thrive. It is a ridiculous belief. Common sense needs to come back and humanity needs to smack some sense into those that want to take and never give back. That is the only way that anything can shift out of this destructive pattern.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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