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Numerology/Astrology for 3/4/18

3/4/18 is the number 9.  Taking it all in seems to be what is difficult at this time. Taking in more information, more upset, more compassion, more caring… How big can your heart expand and not break? That seems to be the question. Sometimes it feels like we are all trying to drink from a firehose. And that is uncomfortable as we all are stretched beyond any capacity that we ever felt. But that seems to be the only door and the only way. It is time for us to step out of our small world that seemed safe. But safety comes from being aware of all things in our surroundings. And how often were you numb to the pain and suffering of your neighbors or friends? How often did you feel that your agenda was more important that helping someone in your family who needed you? Being awake is about being as aware as you can in each moment. It is about feeling into the environment through your heart not your head. It is about listening not with just your ears but your whole body. That is how you make choices that allow you to feel complete. That is how you learn to live your life, as alive and as awake as you can stand. When externals happen, and you contract, that is just the indication that you have stretched beyond your present capacity and the pain of such a stretch shuts you down for a time. When you recognize that has happened it is a choice to try to open once again. This world is asking for all of us to be more awake and aware of the feelings of everyone and this entire planet. That is a lot to take on and each of us have our own limits depending upon our own personal upsets. So just look to what you can do in each moment. Recognize that contraction and choose consciously to open again.

Sunday morning is great for spiritual activities and for sharing your dreams (both dreams you had last night and dreams for your future). Sunday is an excellent day to be social under the Libra Moon, but in the evening hours you may not want to tolerate the annoying people in your life. With the Sun conjunct Neptune this morning, you might have had some interesting dreams. A Mercury-Venus-Chiron conjunction, also in Pisces, gives each of us, the opportunity and desire to talk or think through our feelings, sensitivities, issues, and concerns. Recognize that you are especially sensitive under these aspects. While t’s a good time for socializing and communicating, telling others how we feel, and negotiating, also remember that your intuitive understanding is increasing. Are you open to learning from circumstances and from others? Something may spur you to grow and improve. It’s a time for expressing compassion or forgiveness. You are also more open to new ways of looking at problems or life in general. There are a lot of problems, fears, and insecurities happening right now. And there is also a desire to repair them. Can you see the beauty, vulnerability, and fragility in human weaknesses? Perhaps if you can see it in others you may be able to see it within yourself also. It’s a definite time for building trust in relationships, and for seeing potential in one another, although the process might feel painful at points.

~Suzanne Wagner~




In the soft silence
of the snow
there is a heartbeat.
Quiet is precious.
Peace is sublime.
and then….
healing happens.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Did you know that healing is an art? Not just for the healer but also for the person being healed. When energy connects to another energy there is a blending and a balancing of the discordant resonances. That allows the body to reconnect and realign. Often when you are needing healing you have lost energy and lack the energy necessary to heal yourself naturally. That is also where healing becomes so important because there are wounds that go so deep into the person that they are deeper than the body, deeper than the emotions and are lodged in the very soul matrix of the person. Healing requires a healer to be able to pass energetically beyond all those doorways and into the deepest places of the soul. That requires a type of trust and subtle connection from heart to heart. It requires a type of surrender of the ego to the fact that you can no longer do it alone and that you do not have the tools or the information necessary to heal yourself. There is a raw vulnerability that happens when true healing begins. There is a type of intimacy in the touch and connection from soul to soul. You cannot pay enough money for such a connection. It is given from the pure heart of compassionate caring and a willingness to be a vessel through which the divine can move. That is what it takes for true healing.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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