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Numerology/Astrology for 3/24/19

3/24/19 is the number 3. The trick with the number 3 is to find what gives you happiness and joy without going into “gapping” out to the external realities and truths that are always happening. What is hard to balance is that constant duality that is life. There is always good and bad. There is always the positive and the negative. It takes a particular type of consciousness to be able to hold both without breaking. There are those out there that think that no matter what, to be “Christ-like, and Enlightened”, means that you have to deny the negative and always be positive. I call these the “White Light Syndrome” people. They are choosing to polarize in the direction of the upper chakras, “heart, throat, third eye, and crown”. They chose to deny the lower chakras of humanity, “solar, sexual, and root”. After all those chakras hold all the darker and more negative emotions and expressions of life. But you are both. You are a living, breathing manifestation of this duality. There is no escape from that reality. And the only way to transcend this reality is to be able to inhabit both and to find peace with both. One feeds the other. Embrace that exquisite duality that you are. It is the way to awakened consciousness and the way to move past this unique experience of life in this world.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

While Mercury is still in retrograde in Pisces, making us continue to reflect on what we feel and why we might be feeling it, Mercury also aligns with Neptune bringing your intuitive creativity into a stronger focus. Your dreams will continue to be emotionally and energetically complex as your subconscious attempts to sort out the unresolved emotions that continue to plague your mind.

Let your artistic self expand through writing, daydreaming, visualization and connecting to the things that you love.

Communications continue to be vague and confusing. Notice where you might be being used and deceived. It is hard to admit that you have been taken for a ride but today is the day that you call their bluff. Expect explosions and tremendous upset as you call it. Do not sign anything under this astrology. You are going to be giving too much away. If you do sign something you will regret if for a long time later.

As the Moon continues in Scorpio, the things that others want hidden is revealed and the toxic manipulation is shown to others. Notice if those more powerful are using you. Notice if your integrity is worth it. It probably isn’t.
Suzanne Wagner~


Every child is an artist.
The problem is to remain as
artist once they grow up.
~Pablo Picasso~







I would prefer to hang out with artistic and creative people (any day) over those that focus their life and light differently. Now, artistic people show up in the normal and everyday types of people, as well. And artistic people are not always the easiest people to navigate. They are more dramatic and will put something in your face. They are not designed to make you feel comfortable or adhere to subtle messages to “keep quiet”.
And in my book, you don’t have to be a “paid” artist to be an artist.
What is it about the state of mind of the creative people in the world that is so appealing?
I think for me it is a type of creative perspective that makes people seen the world differently.
It is that difference that is of great interest to me. Innovation comes from thinking outside the box and not choosing to blindly stay in the box that someone else puts you into. In my life, I have constantly fought against the projections and limitations that others wanted to impose upon me.
I recognized as a child that those (at that time) that were older than myself, often had a frozen, damaged part from their own childhood. That wound (that did not heal) had locked them in a place of conflict and they then had the potential to project their unhealed patterns and projected beliefs that they made up in their head onto others, like myself.
They do not mean to do it. Their wound locks them in a continuous loop until they recognize that what they project out and what they see in others is their unhealed self. But there is something about artistic and creative minds that cannot seem to stay for long in illusion. Their mind naturally seeks beyond the obvious. Their mind recognizes when the inner and outer reality do not match. It creates a type of discomfort that is miserable enough that they will seek out to discover the truth even if the cost is their ego.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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