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Numerology/Astrology for 3/24/18

3/24/18 is the number 2. Yes, the negative mind of the number 2 wants to take over your mental hardware. Don’t let it. It is like a mental virus that infects your perspective on the world. And while there is a lot to pay attention to and to be aware of, find the place of peace in the center of the storms swirling madly all around. Trust that the universe has a plan and that eventually that plan will make some sort of sense. You can use your clarity to find peace even when so much anger and hatred is infecting the world. It is love that helps us be in the center of the storm but not impacted by the storm.
Saturday morning has some motivational challenges, so ease into the day. There is a feeling compelling you to take action. Remember your actions affect those closest to you but spread out to all those in your vicinity. We have a greater impact than we often believe. Things are beginning to take off and are beginning to turn a corner. You may feel this is the time to get something going. Just because you may not know the next step or the exact direction that to take does not mean that the energy is stagnant. It’s best to use this energy to handle the internal and external stresses that are being generated. Make the changes. You will figure out how to do that. Trust your mind and heart and let them both show you a way through the newness of this present conundrum. The Moon enters Cancer at 4:53 AM EDT, and it gets involved with a Sun-Mars square active today and creating further tension. Be gentle with yourself as you are more inclined to get injured or to experience accidents under this influence. Notice if your reactions tend to be defensive or competitive now. Lines are being drawn in the sand and you might notice that you are averse to negotiation or compromise. Energy output is running at a high intensity. Do your best to not overextend and then burn out. The Cancer Moon seeks familiarity but opposes Mars and then Saturn today, suggesting that events, people, and circumstances are going to pull (or jar) you right out of your comfort zone.

~Suzanne Wagner~




“I create my own destiny.
I am my own freedom.”
~Sonya Chloe~

Live life hourly and daily.
Make it a choice.
Make it a discipline.
Then you will learn
to make life
an expression
of your happiness.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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