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Numerology/Astrology for 3/2/18

3/2/18 is the number 7.  Are you a part of the one and of the “Collective Consciousness”? Or are you still trying to collect your own conscience? It is either one or the other. There is a global spiritual awakening happening and as with all awakenings it is a difficult and often painful birthing process.

But to come “home” to yourself is essential to become a part of the one. I believe we live in a multi-dimensional field of energy and that there are places where we all overlap in that consciousness.

That is the place where there is the “real” world.

The world that we all agree to and the world where certain rules exist. The biggest rule of all is to love no matter what and to do no harm. All the rest is still a part of the dream and the unconscious trying to manifest. Just because you believe it does not mean that it is real.

I have said that again and again.

But we live in a matrix of energy. And where that energy aligns and combines is where we can c0-create that reality. You can continue to live in your own small perceptual bubble. But those rules (while they may work for you) will not necessary work in the outer world or in the bigger bubble of the agreed upon reality. It is one thing to believe you have knowledge and quite another to be operating with integrative wisdom.

But in this time of great change, anyone with an opinion and within a particular perceptual bubble will find the patterns that back up their beliefs and prejudices.

There is a difference between knowledge and discernment.

There is perfection in clarity but not in projection of your own ideas. The mind needs defined structure that allows for the ego to go bye-bye. But some structures of lies can feed the ego instead of feeding the truth and that is where the number 7 and the discernment is essential.

Again, the rules are simple.

You make choices that support life….all life. No life is more special than another. You are here to help make this world back into an Eden. But ask yourself the question if your beliefs are supporting this world in becoming a hell and a wasteland or a heaven and a place of compassion and acceptance? Are your choices harming the greater good and blocking the greater good from helping this world? Do your choices cause separation or do they allow others to feel “at one with”? It is important to recognize where you are placing your energy and structure.
Friday is a better day to tend to simple tasks. Venus and Mercury are traveling close to one another and will continue to do so in the next couple of weeks. They align twice in March. The first time in Pisces on the 4th and then the second time in Aries on the 19th. Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter this morning. The creates the possibility that a positive outlook can be gained through conversations. I know the news is never endingly difficult, but you have to have a sense of hope or faith in the future. You have to look past this unpleasantness of this moment and into the bigger picture where such drastic change was necessary to impact our entire world view. That required a total revelation of the dark side of many things, so we can make the correction. Corruption has infiltrated the world and it is not just us having this problem. It is global and like an infection that threatens the life and security of all thing living on this planet. Each us us is seeking a little extra meaning to our life. While our ideas are big and our intentions noble each of us have to look at the bigger picture not just our own selfish needs and wants. That is the problem happening now. People are only thinking about being right and not about what serves the planet and others that live on this planet. It is possible to receive good news in different ways now. Your curiosity is stimulated and strong. It is time to gain some new insight into your personal problems, particularly emotional issues, that are allowing you to make decisions that are not well thought through and only selfishly motivated. The Moon spends the day in Virgo. It is time to learn, acquire skills, excel at your work, pay special attention to health, and to help others. For some of you there are big battles right now making you go for logic not emotionally reactiveness. You need your left brain to balance out all that impulsiveness. You are likely to see the value and logic of Virgo’s side even if part of you is resisting.

~Suzanne Wagner~




It is difficult to be the person
who cares more for the welfare
of the greater whole than they
care for being liked by others.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Because we are in a free-will zone being on this planet, you are in a co-creative process where you are given a chance to weave light, energy, and matter together and create wonders as well as horrors. Your angels and guides are there to give you guidance, hints, and intuitive prickling’s to help you connect this world with the higher realms. But it is always your choice.

Right now, the word that keeps coming into my mind from the angels and guides is; “Temperance”.

This word is about finding the places inside that can exhibit restraint and choose to move in moderation.

I believe this word is happening in my subconsciousness because the qualities that this word implies are very challenging globally at the moment.

We live in a world of extremes and where opinions are unrestrained and there is a place where there seems to not be enough internal nor external moderators.

There are so many that have allowed an underdeveloped mind with little self-control and little integrative knowledge believe that their opinions are the truth when they are just their own prejudices.

Power comes from knowing how to be in control of oneself and allow the reality to wash over you, observing it the whole time. But not buying into the emotional intensity of the person or situation.

In fact, the more one protests and the louder they speak and emote, the more likely they are in ego.

The stronger the reaction the more you should see a red flag in your consciousness indicating that this person is not in an authentic space but in a projection of their own ego. And they are using all their power to bolster that ego. When that ego gets to the point of bullying, then that person is deeply troubled and often terrified of the change that the universe is thrusting in their face.

Truth moves through a type in inner calmness and a strong center of solitude.

What we see in the world right now is a lot of reactiveness and this greatly concerns me because this type of volatility can easily become unhinged and cause great destruction and suffering.

You must learn to move through the places of your mind that are serene, tranquil, and that do not become flustered when others do not see as you do.

But you also cannot allow energies that are toxic to the soul to infiltrate that place of solitude and inner self-possessed compassion.

If you are not intimately and easily connected to that place of inner center and if you cannot find it smoothly in times of struggle, then there is still work to be done internally. If you do not have that place organically available to you then you are still operating from the places of ego attachment. You are afraid to look at others’ opinions because you feel attacked.

But you feeling that you are being attacked is a sure sign that you are not on your center and you are operating more from your mind than your heart.

Hearts allow for the journey of each person to find their own truth. The reason this is such a challenging time is that we (as a culture) have empowered our mind over our soul. We have allowed the belief to grow that intelligence is more important that people. We have a culture that believe that being able to manipulate others is a sign of power and strength. And that having power over others is an indication of some type of superiority. But it is not remotely true.

Thus, we have created many that believe that bullying is the way to get what they want and the way to get others to agree with them.

But when everyone agrees with you, you cannot grow. You cannot question what is true and you will live an unfulfilled life plagued with great upsets and disappointments because you believe like a small child that getting what you want will make you happy. Getting what you want all the time only succeeds in making you into a spoiled brat and a person that others do not want to be around.

So, then you are left alone, with your opinions, which no one questions, because you have taken away all the opposition to your narrow world view.
The world is so much larger and much more complex than you can even imagine. Your opinion matters little in the bigger scheme of things. What does matter is how you impact others with your love and compassion.

Truth and compassion always go together. They are never separate. That is because compassion allows in the words and emotional expression of others as they attempt to discover and find how to express their truth.

And when compassion listens, truth eventually emerges and becomes defined and refined out of the egoic fire and into the clear place of integrative understanding.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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