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Numerology/Astrology for 3/21/18

3/21/18 is the number 8. “As above … so below.” That is the matrix of the number 8. It is the symbol of infinity. Where you really exist in your mind is what you will tend to create in this world. That is why disciplining the mind is so important in times such as these. There is a place you can go that is fully in the present moment and can respond to the situations that are impacting you now, but you can also be holding the highest possible potential for all of humanity and life at the same time. You can choose to move from your heart at each and every moment regardless of what others are doing. Being love in the face of hate is no small task to take on. It is difficult at the best of times and right now we are not in those “best of times”. So, this is where you learn about your capacity and you try and fail …. Again and again, until you recognize that you have stretched and grown out of the your old self and into a new and expanded version of you. None of us are ever really done. I don’t even believe that God is done with his/her creation of new and marvelous things. If God is still evolving and expanding so should we. And when we let go of the fear, then it becomes an adventure of astronomical and astrological (Sorry, I had to put a joke in.) proportions.
The Moon spends the day in the sign of Taurus. It is time to stick with the known and comfortable. Let’s just keep things simple in this very complicated world. Let common sense rule the day. In the early afternoon the Moon will oppose Jupiter and you might be tempted to go overboard in some way. Try to control those impulses down to a small extravagance rather than one that you will cringe over later. Keep your poise and stay calm if you become faced with some sort of external stressor and pressures that seems to want to collapse you. Keep things earthy and allow the sensual pleasures in now more than usual. It is in the simple things that we find peace and contentment. You might suddenly see the money issues and financial pressures of the future looming in your awareness. While this Moon position does tend to keep things as they are, a Uranus-Vesta trine encourages you that you will need to progress forward in the very near future. You may be bringing new unique and exciting elements into your work. This is a day for looking at all the options. Remember, that Mercury is moving towards its retrograde station, and you may want to save launching a brand new project for a better time.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Under the shelter of each other, people survive.
~Irish Saying~


Praise beauty and it will grow.
~Suzanne Wagner~

I have Irish on both sides of my family and on St. Patrick’s Day, my niece gave birth to a beautiful, perfect, powerful girl. It is that reminder that there are souls coming into this world to help and heal this planet. There are souls that were born for this time. While some of us came before them to clear a pathway. They are the next wave of incredible beings that have come to save us from ourselves. They are here to show us the way forward that we could not see for ourselves. I believe children show up when “their” time has come. When the planet yearns, needs, and calls them to be here. When they feel that their gifts can be fully utilized for this time an incarnation, they arrive. I see the awakened light in their eyes. I see their potential moving in front of them. I know that it is our job to protect them to the best of our ability so they can be given the knowledge and skills to shine brightly in what is to come.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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