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Numerology/Astrology for 3/20/19

3/20/19 is the number 8. Within all growth there is that feeling of needing to let go. That let go can be from a positive place of surrender and get you to do whatever you need to do to move forward or it can drop you into the places of despair and hopelessness. When you utilize the energy the first way you can manifest great things because all change requires you to be fully present. When you are fully present, the world becomes open to you. You have doorways that you see because you are within that flow and stream of consciousness. But if you collapse out of presence, you become depressed and down. That is because you are living in the past experiences and not fully aware and in this moment when you do that. Opportunities come to those who have the ability to see the magic that is being woven in each and every moment. That magic is always there. The only question is if you are willing to let go of the past to actually see it.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

I don’t know about all of you, but I have been really feeling this bright Full Moon as it has been coming in. So not only are we at Spring Equinox at 2:59 PM PDT but finally there is the Full Moon in Libra-Aries at 6:43 PM PDT. Get ready as this is going to complicate the energy for the coming three months. The equinox has the Moon still in Virgo, and it asks you to focus this earthly energy to cleanse your body and while you are at it your closets. Getting organized and more efficient is what Virgo wants to accomplish. So you are being pulled in one direction and at the same time, the Libra Full Moon wants to be social and participate in relationships. This aspect also wants you to live a life of ease and luxury. For some of us that may be easier than others.

As if that isn’t enough, analytical Mercury continues to be retrograde until the 28th and is in alignment with psychic and mystical Neptune. This gives you the opportunity to open to a higher intuitive vision and then make a plan to bring that vision into reality. Personally, I just want to sneak away for a short retreat. Just be certain that you know the difference between fantasy and reality under this dreamy combination.

The Sun goes into energetic and pioneering Aries this afternoon at dinner time. So we are officially at the beginning of the New Astrological New Year. This transit will last until April 19th. You are going to feel ready to rumble and get your life in gear and going. Expect to feel energized and enthusiastic. Spontaneous movement is always fun. Use this energy to conquer what you fear and overcome patterns that have felt stuck. Be careful that you do not let this youthful, impulsive energy come out as picking fights. Choices made without good forethought may make you regret things later. Keep things as uncomplicated as possible. Being short sighted will work against you. Plan and then take the time to execute this plan.

Just hours into the Sun going into Aries, the Sun will oppose the Moon. Expect a strong emotional experience and an opportunity to assert yourself. But the answer is going to be all about compromise. It is time to find a balance between our personal needs and tending to the needs of those you love and that are in relationship with. Be independent and connected with others. That is always the better way.

We are in a moment that you can get sudden awareness from small pieces of information that have been accumulating. You are being set on a new path. Embrace that energy and discover what you have been missing. You will get to have a final say in something. Remember to be as kind as possible.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Life is a risk,
Love is a compromise,
If you aren’t doing either,
you’re doing neither.







In compromise you have to often give up something that means something to you in favor of the coming together of two sides. Compromise is a dance of mature people who understand that neither will really get what they want but that both will get some of what they wanted.
And yet there are also things that you cannot compromise, such as your morals and values. Some things are about life affirming qualities that cannot be sacrificed on the altar of egos and power plays. When you can come together with others compromise is a very positive step. But that step assumes that you are dealing with mature people who are operating at a certain standard of life that is not about money or power but about what is right and fair for all. When you are dealing with individuals or groups that have not matured into a place that is beyond childish, selfish, narcissism, no compromise is possible. Because they are operating from a place of “take all they can and give nothing in return”. Dealing with such people is a deliberate act on their part to wear you down with the illusion of compromise but it is them who are not willing to compromise.
In such situations you have to hold firm. Your values, self-respect, honor, integrity, and your own personal karma is at stake. You hold the position for the life of this planet and all that is free, good, and wild in this world. When the stakes are so high, it is less about getting what you want and more about doing what is right for the greater good. When leaders no longer care about the people, they are active enemies of life on this planet. Leaders who see only money cannot be allowed to hold and determine the values of their people. From that point it is up to you to find the place that you know is right and true for the world. Choices that continue to tear down and cause suffering are always the wrong choices. Choices that support life and all the complex pieces of life are unified and supported by the Divine. You are here to learn how to step beyond selfishness into compassionate self-less-ness.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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