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Numerology/Astrology for 3/19/20

3/19/20 is the number 8. If you add the 3 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8.

Right now I feel deep compassion for those that are not going to make it through this cycle. May the fastest angels guide them through to their next reality. May compassion be tattooed into the souls that need it the most and never ever allow it to be lost again.

Deep emotions feel constricting. And with the enforcement for each person to create solitude and space between each other I believe there is a lot to learn. There are those that are uncomfortable in their own skin and energy. They give it away by sharing that energy with others through many tactile ways. After all we are creatures that needed community and each other. Perhaps we forgot that. Perhaps we need this moment to recognize how scared we are alone. Perhaps this is perfect for us to confront that scary place inside that we have been avoiding. There is no escape from ourselves. And there is a deep beauty within each one of us. We do need to be willing to move past the ego and into our essence.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Spring Equinox is today. If you chart cast for the next three months with this concentration, it suggests that you will be challenged to focus your energy on clearly defined things that are essential and needed. This energy creates a “bundled” feeling and is extremely good at doing what is most obvious, but not so good at doing those things that have to be done. I know that you are really going to feel as if you don’t want to do those things but now is the best time and you have the time to shift out of patterns that have cluttered your world. With this Moon you will have to take on a challenge to consolidate  your energy. Otherwise you will leak that energy all over the place. You need to be practical and you also need to explore new options. Obviously, these needs contradict each other. So start simply and make an effort to balance the mundane projects with the need to take some time for yourself.

The Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. You are going to feel pissed off, headstrong, irritated, reactive, and anxious. All sexual and sensual encounters seem intense. Tragedy seems to be everywhere. Everything feels abnormal and it will be difficult to not let external situations make you want to collapse.

The Sun in Pisces sextile Saturn. While this gives great strength and consistency. It is being fueled by a fear of everything in life spinning out of control. You can achieve your goals but they now feel excruciating, exhausting and painful. Regardless, persist. Within you are past life parts that know how to keep going. You are on the very of a major change. You will need to pace yourself. Find that new rhythm and then stick to a new way for your sanity. Your true self is humble and beautiful. All the other patterns now reveal themselves as false, unnecessary, and a manifestation of ego.

The Sun goes into Aries and we are at the Vernal Equinox as you fall asleep. The consequences of the karma that the world has reaped is coming due. You begin to feel it even more intensely today and it will continue to build up in the next few months. Take a good and honest look at all things that show up in your reality. All are for you. All give you a chance to move past the karmic suffering of many lifetimes or to continue to re-create it. Karma is a conqueror.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Karma is a conqueror.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Being home is the best. Quiet, peace, birds and animals, fabulous husband. This is what life is supposed to be about. That connection to the land, the world, the work, and the love. Know that as you slow down and drop in you begin to notice things that used to be your old life. That life is gone and now there is a new door right in front of you. But it takes courage to step through that door. Seems like this world might be out of options and us with it. We are trapped to go deeper. We are being led down a path that we must walk. Your options are limited. But there is something amazing at the other end. Stand up. Face what comes. And step through the door.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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