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Numerology/Astrology for 3/19/19

3/19/19 is the number 7. Routine makes us feel good and organized. And others count on us to provide love and attention to them within our routine. You know that there are those that you count on. You know that they are many people whose love and generosity is important for you because you know that you can depend upon them to support your journey in a myriad of ways. It really is not about someone who gives money. It is about those that truly care and will listen and help you make sense of situations that put you into conflict. Expression of love is about dependability. Such people have a strong sense of knowing what to do that is good and kind in the world. Love requires structure but also an ability to move spontaneously when required. Just remember that love is limitless and that everything on this planet thrives because of the love that the Divine provides on this beautiful world. But you too, are learning how to love. So notice what you love and notice what that love requires of you. Regardless, do what you can to keep expanding your heart and your love. That will require more and more time from you as well as, structure, effort, and focus. But when you love something it thrives. Everything deserves to thrive not just survive.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Take time to deal with the responsibilities that are right in front of you. If something needs your attention take the time to handle it.

Pluto and Vesta sextile today moving you towards your goals. Commit to what serves the greater good of all. This aspect will give you a lot of energy to be productive and resourceful. Renew your passion and go for that project that you have been wanting to do. It will make you feel very accomplished and good about yourself.

There is a Mars-Pluto trine beginning to align and a Mercury-Saturn sextile also happening. Ambition expands and encourages you to move actively and productively towards those goals.

The more you look the more you can see the outdated beliefs and limited areas of your life. That place of sentimentality decreases and makes you see where you are being wasteful and where you need to tighten up certain things in your life. It is time to look at things differently. It might be time to let go of certain things that no longer serve you. Stuff is just how you hold onto the past. But sometimes you have to let things go in order to grow and expand. You have to look within and find the internal alternatives that will allow for a more honest expression. Stay focused and practice your determination. Finish what you start and clear space for your new self to arise.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“A coward
is incapable
of exhibiting
love; it is
the prerogative
of the brave.”

~Mahatma Gandhi~







It takes time and energy to express love. Love means that you care for and notice the needs of others. Notice where you put your own time and energy into. For some it is their children and grandchildren. For others it is their animals and plants (such as a garden). And for others there are those that understand that their human heart can love in a capacity that is greater than the logical mind. Love requires your attention and for you to attend to those things you love. When you care, there is love that comes back to you from other areas. Know that everything in this world needs love to grow and thrive. Your caring does make a difference. And thank you for loving the things that you love.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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