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Numerology/Astrology for 3/18/19

3/18/19 is the number 6. Connect to what is real and connect to what is essential for your forward progression in your life. You must find that place inside that is filled with inner knowing and the ability to take what is offered in gratitude and love. All choices lead to forward progression. No choices will get you nowhere and stuck, looping in the same old patterns of complacency. Choice requires innate curiosity. That curiosity has to have enough strength to move you past comfort and fear. Life requires risk, compromise, and courage. When you respect life, life will respect you and give you a few breaks when you need it. Life also favors the courageous and those that move with authentic respect for nature. Nature is no place for ego. In such a wild environment, ego will be the first thing that will get you killed. I believe that is why so many are fearful in nature and want instead of learning the ways of nature they want to kill those things that threaten them. When you don’t understand something you will want to kill it to feel safe. Such a waste of precious life. If each person would take the time to step beyond the ego and move into a place of flow with life instead of against it, our world would be allowed to be the Eden it was intended to be.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Leo until bedtime tonight. Then it moves into the practical and structured sign of Virgo. Find the ways to organize your reality into ways that give you a better life balance. That is what structure is really the best for. Making life easier and smoother is worth the effort.

Your mind goes more into leaning into the wheel at the moment. Work focuses you in a different way. The Mercury-Venus semi-sextile can serve to contrast the logical part of your mind and the desire to playfully approach things. Again, it is about finding the balance.

Today, you notice that saying what you mean is not easy. You can feel where you are triggered but you also feel that some things need to be said and expressed. It will tear at your focus and make you feel emotional and scattered. Instead of trying to say what you feel so strongly, how about listening intently to others instead. Make the effort to allow others to have the safe space to just be and work through the complex patterns that are plaguing their thoughts. Often your own answers can come from witnessing others work through a pattern.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Aligning with the Natural Law

“There are two levels of understanding
actions and their ramifications. On one
level there is a cosmic flow and cosmic
ramifications. The other level has to do
with natural law. If you try to break the
laws of nature they will break you. It’s
not a break even. You will lose.”
~Dr. Gabriel Cousens~







When you move with nature and honor and respect her ways, there is a compassionate stance that moves with you and can protect you. The arrogance of humans is such that we believe that we are superior in all ways. That that is an illusion that nature will be quick to correct in our psyche, if you venture out into the natural world. After all change takes courage and evolution takes commitment. That is why when people are seeking to find their mission and purpose they often go into the quiet spaces and places in nature. They know that confronting the truth of life in its own environment will remind you of who you are, why you are here, and your appropriate position in the universe. Nature is humbling and also empowering. Nature works with you when you are being authentic. Nature works against you when you are in your ego and trying to prove yourself more powerful than the natural world. Nature will give you the feeling of absolute exhilaration and moments of perfect alignment with the flow of life itself. She is a great teacher. The greatest of all. Her philosophy is: “Experience with connection to what is.” It is that simple.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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