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Numerology/Astrology for 3/17/19


3/17/19 is the number 5. It is time to do the work. Personally I am going to get out into my garden and get some much-needed weeding done while it is still cool. This is a time where getting your hands dirty and getting into a project are perfect for feeling that great sense of accomplishment. There are many things that need some work and this day will give you the physical energy to make that happen. Take a look at what your body personally needs. Do you need to change your diet? Do you need more water? Notice where you are losing energy and not feeling 100%. Perhaps with age your hormones are changing. There are many reasons in our busy world why you might forget to take better care of yourself. It is time to listen to the body/mind and give it what it needs to thrive. After all, you just don’t want to be alive, you want to be your best self. When you feel healthy and happy your choices are better and from a calmer and more relaxed place. Those choices are always better and from a less reactive place. Being on earth requires your full focus and presence. Lack of connection and grounding is something that adds to the stresses in life. Who needs that? Be one with this beautiful world and discover that there is safety when you fully allow yourself to be here now.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon is in the fiery sign of Leo for St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday. It is perfect for sharing time with you friends and family. It is a day of action, attention, and figuring out how to get results.

Mercury is favorable with Mars today and it will help you be more alert and observe what is happening in your world. Use your resources. They are there to help you.

With the Mercury still in retrograde, all of us are still reviewing and reflecting on our choices from the past and creating new patterns and plans that will help our emotional future.

You feel compelled to do something with your ideas. You want to learn, teach, and discuss things of importance with others. While all this is good, you will be a bit self-focused. Just remember that others also have their own things that they are dealing with also. Your issue is your personal priority but it may not be for others. You have a new found dedication to get to the bottom of a pattern that has plagued you for your life. Now is the time to uncover the truth and allow that healing to happen.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“Don’t only practice your art,
but force your way into its secrets.”
~Ludwig Van Beethoven~







To make the greatest impact we have to learn to work together. We live in a beautiful garden of magic and love. But that garden is being overrun by foreign adversaries that are not willing to let nature do what it does but want to tear it down instead. We need the gardeners of this world to come together and stand with nature. Insist that nature should have its spaces and places. And not allow those that care not for the greater good of environments. It is time to run out those who see only dollar signs in the wild places. We need the poets, the wanderers, the athletes, the artists, the children, and those that want to remember their own innocence to come together, stand together, and insist on doing what is right. When you do actions to save your own innocence, you gift that wonder and joy to other children, and you give the animals and other creatures the space to be their own beautiful innocent self.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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