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Numerology/Astrology for 3/16/19

3/16/19 is the number 4. The number 4 is about being able, in a calm and calculated manner, to undertake the difficult and unpleasant tasks. This is also a number that indicates when you need to be a faithful friend. One that gives permission to others to have their own journey and path. A great friend is one that does not impose their own projections onto others but knows when to step back and allow others to have their own lives, their own path that will give them what they need to learn and grow rather than what you think they need to learn. It takes great trust to let others find their way. It takes a balanced person to know that just because something works for you does not mean it is another’s path. With balance always comes awareness and acceptance. When you accept yourself completely, you will know that your own path was one of rebellion, choice, and learning. From that place you will then allow others the same.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Cancer until this evening. Then it goes into the sunny and warm-hearted sign of Leo. The intention is to share the love. This world needs all the love you can give it. Concentrating that love on those in the greatest need is the way to make a difference at this time.

Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto, and it gives incentive to plan and strategize the goals that you wish to accomplish. Without a plan you may get lost in the intense emotional chaos of this world. Plans help keep you on track and give you a direction to move towards when the world attempts to throw you off track. Take a look below the surface of what you believe. Notice those small voices inside that say things. Things that you would not let out your mouth. It is time to reveal the subtle prejudices that lurk in the sub-consciousness. It is those voices that seed hate and separate you from others. It is time to come together with listening and compassion.

The world is attempting to get to the root of the problem. And that problem is hate. It is time to figure out how to make better choices, bring education to a new level of understanding and open conversations that are deeply probing into the psyche of the human mind. Humanity needs to investigate the roots of war, conflict, hate, and fear. That is the only way to shift us out of this downward trend that harms all of us in ways that can haunt us historically for a very long time.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I started practicing yoga. I started
learning some hands-on healing stuff.
And I found really good chiropractors,
really good massage therapists, and
what I found is I’ve been able to actually
peel off layers of trauma on my body
and actually move better now than I did.
~Ricky Williams~






Today I want to remind other of the amazing work that massage therapists do. Having been a massage therapist for over 30 years, on the Utah Board of Massage, and a teacher at the Utah College of Massage Therapy for years, I continue to marvel at the talent and healing abilities of many out there in this field. And as with all things there are okay healers and great healers. Regardless, they do a service that is unique and special, and I want to bring more awareness to it.
Even when we try to do our best to take care of our heath, things happen. We slip and fall. We hold stress in chronic patterns. We have genetic weaknesses that have been passed down to us. And then there is just the aging process that naturally happens. Body workers, healers, massage therapists and all the various assortments of healing modalities that are available now are there to help you through not only the trauma but the integrated awareness that needs to happen in healing.
Bodies hold so much crap from our mind and our life. We do not realize it until there is a problem and pain. But healing modalities remind us of where we are not in our body and where we have neglected our own health and well-being.
I have been blessed with the great gift of knowing amazing healers that have literally saved my life, again and again.
For me, it began as a dancer and the stress that ballet put on the body was something that you could not ignore. Finding relief from the constant pounding and pulling was the doorway to massage and those that see healing as their gift to the world. I swear that healers must have a special place in heaven.
What is even more amazing are those that say that they do not like massage or to be touched. That is a huge clue to me that they are not interested in feeling into what they have stuffed inside their body. Touch shows where you are holding, in pain, resisting, tight, uptight, afraid, angry, hurting, etc. Some would rather die and get horrible diseases than take a look at the emotions that are being repressed and causing damage to this miracle of a body.
Yes, massage will make you aware of where you have been through a war zone in your life. Yes, massage will make you have to actively take a look at the emotions that you have been denying. Yes, massage will give you a doorway to have to move through discomfort and pain rather than numb it out.
And no, it is not always fun. No, it is not always about just making you feel good. Sometimes you have to actively participate in your own process of letting go and surrender. And when you are willing it is a miracle that unfolds right before your very eyes.
People say to me, “Oh, massage is too expensive! Or I don’t have the time!” These are ridiculous excuses. Doctors’ appointments are much more money and hospital visits even more so. And in this day and age, medical costs are exorbitantly high. So learning how to do good maintenance on a consistent basis is a more cost-effective way to live your life.

Massage helps you get rid of toxins. They know that a one-hour massage is equivalent to 12 hours of sleep in getting rid of toxins. And some people have genetic types that need it more than others. Some bodies hold onto toxins more than others.
So, notice your own body and notice if you are doing the things that it needs to operate at optimum level. If not, try some of the amazing healers in your area. Discover what works for your particular body. Each body needs something different at different times. Sometimes I need regular massage. Other times I need something like Reiki. And other times I need Chinese herbs and Acupuncture. Learn to listen and eventually once you break through the toxic holding patterns in your body, you will discover that your body can hum and purr!
~Suzanne Wagner~


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