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Numerology/Astrology for 3/16/18

3/16/18 is the number 3. How do you find the free flow in a sea of chaos? It takes a ton of creative imagination and broad -minded thinking that has the capacity to have humor and the willingness to let the adventure of life guide you through the twists and turns of life. At the very least you learn to trust your intuition because the tried and true pathways no longer hold water or hold the values that you believed were sacrosanct. All you have at the end of your life is your morals and values that you stood up with and that defined what kind of a person you are. Choose to be a conscious and aware person. Choose to be a person who you know did your best to serve all of life and this world. Choose to be a person who consciously stood up to the darkness even in the face of your own fear. Be the person that did not give into hate. Be the person who did not lie or try to cover up the truth just so you could be more comfortable in your distortions and prejudices. Facing the truth is often uncomfortable, especially when you hold tight to your ego. Egos hate being wrong and yet are almost always wrong. That is why the enlightened ones that walked this planet spoke of being ego-less. Egos create more karma. No enlightened person would consciously make choices that perpetuate the suffering of this world by inflicting more upon it. Being the truth is never hard internally though it can be very difficult externally. But truth never generates more karma. In fact, deciding to stand in that truth is a great relief. That conflict that you have been feeling disappears and is replaced by calmness and certainty. Truth does not have to be defended because right is always right. Helping others is always right. Being kind to those different and those suffering is always right. Doing for the greater good is always right. Creating laws that support the wholeness of this world is always right.

Before a New Moon (in Pisces), reflection is favored over innovation. Now is not the time to begin a new project, relationship, or other important initiatives because this is the time of endings and a moment when you are descending into the places of your deep unconscious. You are acutely sensitive and aware on psychic and intuitive levels, as you learn to tune in to all that is hidden or unspoken. Tomorrow, the Moon will also align with the Sun (forming a New Moon) and Chiron. This is an excellent time to connect with or process the lessons that you have learned during the Moon cycle that is ending tomorrow. The Moon spends the full day in Pisces.
~Suzanne Wagner~




You can either be a host to God,
or a hostage to your ego.
It’s your call.

~Wayne Dyer~

It amazes me that there are so many wealthy people who are so narcissistic and self-involved that they are willing to destroy the very world that they want to make all the money off of and take all of the goodness from, just so they can be wealthy and be better than others. Now, I know there are those few really good rich people that are making boats to clean the oceans from all the plastic and garbage. (Thank God for these people!) But there is this culture that placates to the narcissists of the world and promotes a culture of sociopaths. It is very frightening. When people admire those who have no values or moral compass this world is in deep danger. It is the people that can turn it around but we (as a whole) have to work together to place those in power that can make laws that do not support such terrible narcissism or such selfish and destructive tendencies. We can do it together. We have to do it for this planet and this world. We have to do it for our children and the fate of life on this planet. The risk has never been this great ever in this world. Now, what can you do about it? What can you do personally to support changes that serve everyone?
~Suzanne Wagner~


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