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Numerology/Astrology for 3/13/19

3/13/19 is the number 10. Again, we come to a turning point. Notice what is yours today. Change happens in small steps that build over time. You can feel things building up to a massive shift. But we are not there yet. We will not be there for some time, but you have to be ready for those moments when choices and actions manifest external realities that force response. All you can do is stand in your own power and stay centered in your own truth. Radiate your light in the most generous and accepting of ways. And do not tolerate those that propagate hate against any persons, cultures, or groups. It is important to know those places where you have toxic thoughts. Then learn to keep those inside and do not give more energy to those thoughts by speaking them. You do not know if those thoughts could be used as fuel to others to act in ways that cause harm. It takes personal power and center to know when you are triggered. Always keep those triggered thoughts in check. It is easy to know when you are triggered. Your reactions are over the top and your judgment is clearly skewed.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Wednesday the 13th, you would be wise to do to all your tasks early because from the later afternoon into the early evening you may feel tired and perhaps even a bit at odds with the world.

This is a day of contrasting energy. The Sun sextiles Pluto and squares Jupiter.

There is also a very focuses Mars-Saturn trine that makes your choices deliberate and practical. These energies are very different and while you want to expand and ambitiously move towards your ideal, your capacities are limited, and you will have to make adjustments whether you like it or not.

The Sun Square to Jupiter can stimulate much optimism and elevate your mood but your state of mind is fragile, and many things are going to feel overblown and unrealistic. You can feel the global discontent expanding and there clearly is not an end to that feeling in sight.

No matter what, just move with moderation, self-discipline, and realism.

The energy is big and on the heavy side because the Moon transiting Gemini. Detach from toxic energy, step away from those who spread hate through thoughts and words that are untrue and dangerous to the safety of others.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Why tolerate someone’s faults
when they are of no use to anyone,
even that person. When you tolerate
the distortions in others, it is a form
of permission that allows those
thoughts to continue
to distort and grow.
~Suzanne Wagner~







Kindness is a way of being.
Kindness is the beginning of respect.
Kindness knows not to say things that harm others.
Kindness knows not to fuel thoughts that separate.
Kindness is a critical part of moving towards enlightenment.
A small kindness has a great impact.
A small kindness costs you nothing.
When you have a bad day,
one kindness can change everything.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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