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Numerology/Astrology for 3/11/18

3/11/18 is the number 7. The desire to begin to construct a plan for more positive action and social justice is at the forefront of your mind. There is a restlessness you are feeling as you attempt to find an elusive doorway through this density. You may feel as if you are digging a large hole under the ground to get to where you need to go because doing that on the surface you are taking hits from those who are adamant to stay stuck and to not grow. So, there is always another way. Let’s go under them instead. There are so many angry people in the world that want that confrontation in order to fight because that is how strong their aggression is right now in the world. They are hurt and angry and they have been that way for a long time and now they are picking a fight just for the sake of the adrenaline rush to feel better than this internal suffering they have suppressed for so long. Now they want others to suffer and hurt with them. You can play that strategy out but why? There is that potential for more harm and when you live from the “the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” reality, the world just ends up blind and unable to eat. Stop giving those that are so willing to fight, more opportunity, more weapons, and more of your time to hurt others.. It is a waste and you know it. Your only choice is to go under their reality and out the other side to what you actually know is a better choice and dream for all. Those that are so deeply wounded cannot see a future other than the suffering they know and continue to co-create. Therefore, you have to construct another world and then invite them into that one. When you refuse to fight with them, they are left alone with their own pain and misery. It is only there that they discover and can observe that there is another life and way to be by watching you engage with this world another way. In that moment of your happiness and your open heart that will give them an opportunity to step out of their constricted place and view and into another way to be and connect.
Very early today, Mercury forms a square to Saturn and a sesqui-square to Jupiter, suggesting challenges making decisions, serious or negative thinking, and difficulties getting messages across clearly. However, Mars forms a trine to Uranus in Fire signs and the Sun forms a sextile to Pluto today, suggesting rich opportunities to invent, grow, and transform. You are finally willing to experiment to make some positive changes. You can also see where you need to improve on what you already have going on. Expect to feel more bold, assertive, and conscious of a need to act independently. You are no longer want to be a part of the “hive” mind but want to find your own path and your own way. Yet, there is still a bit of a “wait and see” attitude as you feel like you wish to catch your own personal wave and while it is not yet here you can feel it coming and you are preparing mentally to be ready for that moment when it comes. The Moon spends the day in Capricorn. Its sextile to Neptune points to opportunities to add personal, creative, and imaginative touches to your projects and pursuits.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Anger and Intolerance
are the enemies
of correct understanding.

~Mahatma Ghandhi~



There are civilizations that have come and gone.
We try to remember them through history classes and we try to learn from their choices and lessons.
History is full of societies that crumbled under the weight of their own corruption, greed, and self-importance.
America stands at the doorway to fall into the dusty pages of those other failed systems.
And yet, we have a choice.
It is never too late to wake up and to recognize the truth in this moment.
It is never too late to make the choices that you know inside are morally and spiritually correct.
It is never too late to do the right thing.
If we fail now, we fail our ancestors that did so much to try to save us from such a historical end.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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