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Numerology/Astrology for 3/10/19

3/10/19 is the number 7. The Number 7 is all about the rules of law and the things that keep societies in order. Rules and laws are there to support the rights of the people that they govern. They are not supposed to protect the powerfully wealthy and horrifically guilty. What history shows us is that the reigns of those that abuse their own people is short and unfortunately violent. Power and wealth only protect to a point. Eventually, the truth draws a line and when the force of the people rises up, nothing and no argument can stop the shift that unfolds. The structures of your life are under scrutiny today. Are the structures you have in place working for you in your life? The honest evaluation of that will help you find the best solutions to your present situations.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

A Taurus Moon on Sunday supports sensual pleasures and accomplishing tasks that have tangible results. So settle in and enjoy yourself. Indulge some of those deeper desires and let yourself fully feel into the moment.

Mars sextile Neptune and also semi-square Chiron today. You are more psychically open and therefore vulnerable. That sensitivity is drawn to the unusual and things that are a bit on the edge of bizarre. Use this unusual energy for the highest good of all and bring compassion and forgiveness into all things today.

There is discomfort in standing up for what you believe in. While following the crowd might be safer it will also feel like selling out. Easier is not always better. Expressing anger or what you want in a direct manner is challenging. Expect extensive detours and delays. Don’t get frustrated in the process.

There are moments of gentle inspiration and spiritual clarity. Let the love within you shine out to others. Let the heart within you melt all anger and help you let go of what emotionally holds you back. Then you can pursue your dream.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Healing comes from
gathering wisdom
from past actions
and letting go of the
pain that the
education cost you.

~Caroline Myss~







I am grateful for the struggles in my life. They have given me great doorways to discover who I am deeply in my core. I believe everyone has great stories and adventures that allowed them to acquire something of great value, whether that is wisdom or understanding. At the very least, just having experiences is expansive and allows for us to search for options that are beyond our known reality. Give permission for you today to find new experiences. Stretch beyond your present knowledge base. There is always more to discover. Why limit this wonderful life?

~Suzanne Wagner~


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