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Numerology/Astrology for 2/9/19

2/9/19 is the number 5. Magic happens when you work to make dreams manifest in the reality. What do you dream of today? It can be from something small to something big. I love to manifest amazing meals. You know the ones. Filled with different flavors and enticing spices, with exotic tastes. I personally am on a Peruvian food binge. The Aji Amarillo Paste is my personal new favorite. Everyone who takes and idea and molds it into something that is different, even slightly is making manifest something that was not there before. The bigger game in life is to bring that idea into form and learn from it. That is why I love cooking. I follow a recipe but then tweak it. Perhaps something is too hot. Perhaps something is just not quite bringing out the flavors completely. Then trying different things to bring it into something special. I learned this from my own mother. She never really, perfectly, followed a recipe. The recipe was a starting point. From there her own person choices and artistic expression took over. That is why when I follow her recipes it is not ever quite the same. In truth, with my mother, you have to work with her in the kitchen to discover her personal, little secrets. And that is what life is about. Discovery and manifestation. And the number 5 encourages you to step up, step out, and step beyond your old patterns and behaviors. Be willing to make a few mistakes. Not everything has to be perfect. Life is a journey to discover that perfection in the moment. Sometimes, keeping the simplicity is just what is going to make something work. At other times it is the complexity and diversity that combine that allow for something special to happen. And these ideas apply to all things. So today, take that moment to expand your mind and include some things that you might not have taken into account before. Then go wild! See what can happen when you experiment. There is always a new way and therefore new worlds to discover.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Be bold! Be brave! Be confident! Let the Moon in Aries give you that extra something that will make you remember the wildness and freedom that is your light and soul. Don’t look back but, “Boldly go where you have not gone before!”

With the Moon flowing with expansive Jupiter. It is all about sharing time and ideas with those you love. While you might want to be the first at something, That voice is your ego talking and it is a pointless waste of time to feed into it. You are not the first, you are not the last, you are just the big group in the middle.

Let this energy make you willing to discover and uncover things. And then share that discover with others.

I remember a Down’s Syndrome child showing me the sand and really making me look at the sand. You know, until that moment I had never really deeply looked at the sand. It was amazing. It was alive and moving, It was tiny shells and variety. In that moment I was allowed into the incredible world of a Down’s Syndrome child’s reality. And you know what? It was beautiful! It was a marvel. It was not macro but micro. And that had value and gave great insight. His discovery deepened me when he felt compelled to share it with me.

The same is true with you today. Share what you marvel at with others. Allow others into your world of beauty and insight. Everyone becomes more when we share our deepest self.

The Moon also squares Saturn and it has the effect of grounding us into a new place spiritually and materially if you let it. Harness this energy and allow it to become productive and contribute to the world.

A Mercury-Uranus sextile opens your mind to new and innovative ideas. This is the color that dominates this day’s energy. Let your intuition give you sudden insights. Take advantage of your ability to see in new and wondrous ways. Breathe life into things and let yourself solve some old problems because of this new insight.
~Suzanne Wagner~


You were born in order to grow to be.
What you will become is up
to your spirit and soul.
Circumstances of life are there for you
to make something from them.
All things can be turned into something
magnificent if you have the vision.
Find the thing that
gives you joy, and then do it.
You are a seed seeking to know
what you can become.
The first step is risk.
All life has to leap and take that
risk when it presents itself.
Then with a little nurturing and love
you can and will evolve
into something wonderful.
~Suzanne Wagner~





Change comes to all that know.
Life is there to help you grow.
All around is potential and choice.
Sudden sounds sing as one voice.
You are here to listen and learn.
But mankind tends to tear and burn.
You want more than life would take.
If you do, then suffering will be your fate.
Life was here before you, you see.
It called to you from the heavens and sea.
It invited you in and welcomed you down.
But what you wanted could not be found.
Outside in the world you seek to find
The riches you though were lost to time.
But you carry with you all that you need.
You are a shell that holds a great seed.
When you look in to find the part you doubt.
Discover the power and truth will come out.
Time will tell if you have what it takes.
This world is patient and is willing to wait.
But there is a line and there is a time.
When harming others with careless sublime.
Will not be allowed and you will be shown.
The doorway out and this will not be your home.
Those with courage and those with heart.
Will take the offering and be willing to start.
The love is her to expand and grow.
Into the places unfamiliar and unknown.
But that love is the seed and this world will respond
It opens and changes above and beyond.
There is a time when you will have to leave.
But what will your soul share as you breathe.
I hope that you leave love and truth behind.
I hope that you discover more than you find.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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