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Numerology/Astrology for 2/7/19

2/7/19 is the number 3. When there is light inside, you know you are love. When you are that love, regardless of what is happening you will move from that place of oneness and connection to all things. Having compassion for everyone and everything is essential to allow that love to expand. I find it interesting that even those in spiritual practices believe (falsely) that dogs are better than cats. Because cats have that instinct to kill and they believe that dogs will not do that if you just feed them consistently. When you identify with one thing as good and another as less than good you only continue the duality and do not see that everything alive in this world has a path, a function, and a purpose. If that is true, then you also have one. And that should make you feel very positive. Today, find the good in yourself and others. Know that everyone is doing their very best to find and express that light that they carry within. Everyone will make mistakes and take detours off the correct path. But that is normal and to be expected. When you can allow your own mistakes then you allow others the same respect and time to figure all things of great importance out. It takes the time that it will take for each person to find their way. Love is that permission to give the time necessary to discover and express who you really are.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Let the Moon in Pisces create a level of tolerance and acceptance in your life. Sometimes the depth of this Moon can make people more emotional than they want. Clarity goes out the window and we indulge in the unresolved emotional issues that are still our wound. But with a little insight you can shift your attitude into one of a more mellow, open, and willing person. With the right incentive you can be able to listen and feel past the facade of others.

Mercury forms a sextile to Mars, and that will allow you to act on your ideas and assert your perspective in a more alert, observant and resourceful way. let your enthusiasm run wild. You might need to get to the point more quickly with others because of the Moon in Pisces. Don’t drag things out. Others are a bit less patient.

The Sun-Jupiter sextile occurs today, inspiring you and giving you an opportunity. You have talents you want to put to good use. Allow the good to come your way and enjoy what you do and what you have.

Confidence comes from knowing who you are and knowing that your life has principles and that the choices of others are their own karmic pattern to unravel. You must learn to stick with you and who you are. After all, you have to live in this body. Integrity travels through time and space. It is so much easier in the bigger picture of things to just do what is right.
~Suzanne Wagner~


It is just easier to do what is right.
Justification is an exhausting loop
going nowhere and a waste of time.
You have a set amount of energy
to work with in this life.
Do not waste this precious gift
avoiding the inevitable outcome
of your choices and decisions.
~Suzanne Wagner~





You have a soul whose name is truth.
That energy is always there. It attempts to help you find the way through the delusions of existence and remember the purity of the light from which all life comes from.
That light wants to grow and expand, learn and care, discover and rest.
That light seeks to connect with the lights of others to form webs of connection that then learn to co-create the world together.
We seek to find our truth in this density and form.
We want to know why we are here and what purpose our life can express.
That knowing is in the light that you buried and protected from the chaos and emotional storms of this reality.
But it is still there attempting to guide you through to a place of knowing and understanding.
You are not broken.
You have always been whole.
But you have to have the courage to reconnect to that truth.
That soul inside, whose name is truth, knows the answers you seek.
Once you dis-identify with the struggle of this life and the wounds that you have experienced, you will see that that light has always guided you and has forever attempted to break through the suffering to remind you of that place of home and that wholeness.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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