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Numerology/Astrology for 2/6/19

2/6/19 is the number 11. It is time to reach. But what do you reach for? Reach for happiness, connection, love, sharing, support, appreciation, etc. There are many things that you need in life, but growth is in the top 5. Growth awakens our mind. Growth is exciting. Growth helps us to learn more and integrate that into functional places and ways. Any type of expansion is a risk. Any type of connection is going to test your abilities and coping mechanisms. None of us live in a bubble. We all need each other and need to learn how to accept and connect to others in constructive ways that allow for individuality.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in the emotional and compassionate sign of Pisces all day. Try to pace yourself. You might be feeling more tired than expected and you could use a break from the normal pace. Downtime is helpful to being more productive as you move through your day. Use the depth of this aspect to become more perceptive and interested in the outside world.

This is a moment to digest what you are dealing with rather than add more information into that crowded mind of yours. Let yourself daydream and float without coming to conclusions. Insights come from an open mind rather than a closed opinionated one.

Venus and Neptune help you have an ability to solve the more personal types of problems. You will want to get along with others. Take yourself away from the routine and discover something new.
Try to make progress in a relaxed way.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Insight is not awareness.
~Suzanne Wagner~





One of the hardest things in life is to listen to your intuition. That is because intuition is an in-exact science. You do not know why you need to do something. You feel compelled by a force just outside of you to comply. And often, you may not know the answer to your choice for a long time or sometimes ever.

Egos want what they want. They are beyond reason. But they use the mind as a weapon to make you do what it wants. The ego finds excuses to help you justify your terrible choice and behavior. And it can make things up to make you feel obligated to make choices that are not in your best interest.
I am very grateful that my inner knowing is so much stronger than my mind.
At times that is completely irritating and frustrating.
I want what I want also.
I am after all human and working through my own karmic journey.
But as I accept the inevitable choice that compels me into actions that my ego really does not want, I learn that the inner self was right.

That recognition is not fun. It is often filled with shock followed by appreciation that my inner self forced me to act when it did without logical explanations as to why.
I take a moment now to reflect on those many potentially horrible pitfalls that I have managed to avoid.
I wonder at my good karma that I have had enough knowing to follow that voice.
It is never easy to do the right thing.
It is never easy to stop the ego as it wants to race down the road when the bridge is out.
It is never easy to step aside and allow another person to learn their own karmic lesson.
It is never easy to recognize that someone is not ready to be helped.
It is never easy to allow another to find out that life has consequences.
I do not pretend to be awakened.
But I am awake to something.
And that something is deep in my core that knows what is right. And I find no need to justify or even explain it to those that are uninterested or not yet ready.
Truth is always there. Obviously standing in plain sight.
But if you lack the wisdom to use your eyes, you cannot see.
If you lack the understanding to interpret the information correctly, you will not move appropriately.
If you live in a lie, then truth hurts.
And if you prefer the darkness, that truth will simply wait for another time.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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