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Numerology/Astrology for 2/5/19

2/5/19 is the number 10. There is always a way and that way is to always be willing to try again. Failures do not mean that you are wrong. Failures just mean that you lack something to make your idea work. Sometimes that is a skill. Sometimes that is maturity. There are reasons that things do not work and that happens to get you to reach deeper into your core. After all, who really wants to live on the surface and have a shallow life? Life is difficult and what motivates you to move forward is to make some sort of difference and to have an impact that supports and helps life and this beautiful planet. There is a way to make this planet better and that can even be something that can ultimately make money. But I believe that the time of greed and for profit only is past. Money alone is never enough in life. And those that walk that path are at the beginning of their own journey to recognize that shallowness and shame of their choice.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues in Aquarius and illuminates the obvious for those that are too blind to see. And it harmonizes with Mars and Uranus.

While Mars and Uranus align next week completely, at the moment it is creating an exciting energy that wants to move forward. Taking the initiative seems to be the ticket and at this time you feel more resourceful and independent than previously. This is the time to experiment and attempt something that might not have seemed possible.

The Moon will go into Pisces this evening as you begin to crawl into bed. The Pisces Moon is very intuitive, feeling oriented, gentle, compassionate, and creative. Let that emotional impulse support your next creation and allow it to open you to new and wonderful connections.

~Suzanne Wagner~


One doesn’t have to operate
with great malice to do
great harm. The absence of
empathy and understanding
are sufficient.
~Charles M. Blow~






When you mature
you recognize
that some people
were just a part
of your history
but they were not
a part of your destiny.

There are people
that come into our life
to remind us of what
it is to be good,
do good, and
to serve others.

Most lessons are
revealed in opposition.
Meaning that those that
speak the loudest and
know how to say
the right things are often
not practicing what they preach.
That is how we learn to see
past the words and recognize
that truth is always
found in actions.

We are attracted
to those who appear
to have our values.
But we remember
the lessons when
those appearances
reveal themselves
to be false

~Suzanne Wagner~


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