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Numerology/Astrology for 2/3/19

2/3/19 is the number 8. Notice what emotional theme keeps coming up. Notice if you are learning to let the past be the past? Letting go is an art. That is because in life if you hang onto everything you will literally make yourself ill. But there are always those things that stick in your craw and that repeatedly come up again and again. With each one of those, learn to allow it to fully flow through you with the intention of release. Energy will follow what the mind intends. But often when a moment overwhelms us, what comes up is the past grief that we have yet to let go. Some use grief as a way to repeat the patterns of self-righteousness and to allow the lie that you created inside to push down that grief, giving you a way to keep the pain and the memory. You can learn to keep the good and let the grief go. But it is a skill that is learned through experience and trust. If you do not trust the universe you will cling to the past in fear that you will not get something like that in the future. Such a choice allows for no movement and you become stuck with the past and unable to grab the future when it shows up.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

I hope to see February being a moment of calming down because we are between January’s eclipses and the Mercury Retrograde that will happen in March. This is a great time to get caught up on all those things that you have to put aside because of the busyness of January. Valentine’s Day is full of deeper conversations so take the time to do a short trip with your partner. There is also a Super Moon on the 19th. This Moon beckons you to balance your analytical and intuitive skills. It is also a great time to clean those closets and clear out things that you need to let go.

This morning, the Moon moves into social Aquarius early on Sunday.

Also, on Sunday afternoon, Venus enters Capricorn until March 1. It will stay until March 1st. This is a good business combination, where you can open to innovative ideas and new friendships and bring those ideas into practical use. It is time to get on top of your finances and connect with others that are aligned with your goals. You find great value in enduring connections, those that are reliable, and those that are committed. You may want to express things that are of a deeper and more serious nature and you may also want to take more time to connect with others.

Mercury and Jupiter form a sextile and that gives you the courage to look ahead. It encourages you to reach a bit further than you are accustomed. Open your mind to the possibilities and remember to use good judgment.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Real grief is so deep
that it has no words.
Real love is felt
in action and deeds.
Real compassion is so natural
that it touches all things
with care and comfort.
~Suzanne Wagner~






When telling the truth allows the ghosts of the past to rest.
When loving others is more important than self.
When learning trust allows you to know that you will still be safe.
When anger is not used as a weapon.
When hatred has become a history lesson that is hard to imagine.
When peace becomes the natural way to live.
When honesty becomes the norm.
When acceptance becomes the way.
When fear is used for motivation for growth.
When humanity learns that it is not more special than anything else.
That is the moment when a transformation of consciousness
will shift this world from density into divine.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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