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Numerology/Astrology for 2/22/17

2/22/17 is the number 7. The number 7 desires to make sense out of senseless actions, behaviors, and choices of others. Needless-to-say, that is a tall order to fill on this day when the astrology wants to take your most precious ideals and crush them underfoot. The world and others cannot tell you who you are. But you have to claim your place in the world and how you do that determines how you will progress from this experience into the next. If you choose to be a person who takes the best of who you are and knows also the fears and what you might think are your worst tendencies, then allows that duality to sit comfortably inside, then eventually out of that stillness a passion and a compelling urge will guide you forward. Always those higher transcendent moments will want to help and serve. When you want to lash out and hurt others, you are not operating from your highest integrated self but your baser ego impulses. Those always lead eventually to tragedy. Just look at what is happening now. Sometimes, things have to become so terrible and obvious that you choose light over the darkness that has been infecting your soul.


The Mars-Pluto square perfects early today, so be aware that your desires are more than intense and could be difficult to satisfy. A tendency to bully, confront, or provoke might dominate your day. Attempt to find a place of restraint and control out of respect for others and of all life. Efforts to make changes may feel thwarted. Expect power struggles to emerge. Attempts to gain control and power are fruitless. It would be wise to observe what is happening around you so that you can learn from whatever powerful feelings arise from this day. Know that others may move through confrontations or create conflicts now, as this transit has a way of pulling out suppressed issues, or emotional garbage. The Moon’s alignment with Pluto and square to Mars reinforce these themes and extend them to the afternoon. Do your best to stay calm and centered. The Moon also gets in between you are your world. This is caused by the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, stimulating a deep seated restlessness and karmic fears of confinement or repression from past lives. This is a potentially intense day! However, this can also be a time for formulating new plans and strategies if you allow yourself to remain calm enough to do so.

~Suzanne Wagner~



In the silence…. you hear freedom die.
In silence you feel the collapse of our environment.
In silence you see minds of your children
ruined with the beliefs of rigid and antiquated minds.
In silence you will experience the total loss
of the variety of life that has made our planet so amazing.
Silence is the killer.
Silence is the expression of paralyzed fear.
Silence is the toxin of our world.
Silence is what causes the collapse of societies.
So what will you do?
Is your silence contributing
to the destruction of everything you hold dear?
If it is….you have no one to blame but yourself.

~Suzanne Wagner~

I am sitting out a storm in Reno as the snow is coming down in droves. The trucks are stopped and non-4-wheel drive vehicles without chains are not advised. I have the chains but why stress. I will just wait it out and move on after the storm. I love the metaphor, “There is a huge storm and you have to wait till it passes.” So, are you listening to the messages from nature today? Are you paying attention to that soft whisper that attempts to break through the mental chatter? Listen…pay attention…hear what is below the surface chaos. From a still mind and heart comes clarity. There are moments when pushing and amping up the fear to prove to yourself some falsehood for your ego is really not appropriate. Take your time. When the universe says to wait….why not wait? When the universe says to pay attention….pay attention. When your core knows what is true…act from that truth. Then life becomes much simpler and more in alignment with organic and authentic expression.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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