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Numerology/Astrology for 2/18/19


2/18/19 is the number 5. What can you do that supports the earth and this world? Take a moment to give back to this planet that gave you life and this opportunity. Your body belongs to this world. Your spirit belongs to the cosmos. But it is your body that allows you to exist and have this journey while you are here. That does require you to take care of this body and to not be reckless and too self-indulgent. Being a past dancer made me realize that my body was my temple and as such I needed to take care of it in ways that would allow me to be my best. No conscious being would actively decide to destroy that which was the foundation of your experience here. But in our world, there are so many addictive things to ensnare the senses and entrap the mind. Most people are unaware that they are doing a terrible job eating properly and giving the body what it needs to operate at optimum efficiency. Today, take a moment to listen to what your body needs. You will be amazed that often you can hear an answer and that answer may make not sense. But give it a try anyway (especially if it is healthy) and discover that your body has a voice that also needs to be listened to by your mind.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Sun enters Pisces today where it will spend the next month. In this time you will feel guided by your more unconditional loving and altruistic feelings. Your driving energy settles into a place of flow and the attitude of “What will be will be!” Pisces rules empathy, devotion, and the coming of wisdom through experience. When you fall into the darker places of Pisces you will feel victimized by life, passive, and want to avoid the truth as it is presented.

Chiron goes into Aries today and it will be there until 2026/2027. So this is another major shift in the consciousness and awareness. After everything that has happened you recognize the need to rebuild your confidence. You feel especially sensitive to that subject at the moment.

Old personal issues resurface, and you must review them. Health problems also come back into the picture. Assert yourself and focus on what needs to get done. Don’t feel guilty. Take responsibility and change. It is always us that needs to shift. The world will continue to do what it does.

There is a perfect Venus-Saturn alignment this morning and you are facing some reality about your finances, a personal belief, or a love and social matter. You may need to make a choice or a commitment. You will be tested. You may feel a sense of responsibility towards others.

As the day progresses, you may feel the Mercury-Neptune alignment. You want to dream big. You visualize something that inspires you.

But you are not really clear so don’t attempt to express this to others. Decisions should not be made in this idealistic state.

The Moon is in Leo all day and in harmony with Jupiter in Sagittarius. This wants you to grow, improve, and pursue your ideals and goals with confidence.
~Suzanne Wagner~


When you find no solution to a problem,
it’s probably not a problem to be solved.
But, rather a truth to be accepted.
Nothing ever goes away until
it teaches us what we need to know.
~Quotes To Live By






The word for today that I want to explore is adopt.
This word comes from the late 15th century from French and the Latin “adoptare”, meaning to add to or to choose.

To Adopt means:

To take up or start to use or follow (an idea, method, or course of action)
To legally take another’s child and bring it up as one’s own.
To take on or assume (an attitude or position)
To choose someone to receive a special recognition.
To formally approve or accept (a report or suggestion)
To accept responsibility for the maintenance of something.

What is it that you need to adopt? Most of us need to adopt better habits for our health and taking care of our body. We need to take on positions that serve the greater good rather than our self exclusively. We need to adopt the attitude of a more accepting and forgiving nature. We need to learn to accept others rather than change them. Therefore we need to adopt the attitude of approving and grace. To adopt or take on something or someone, we must fully take responsibility for the health, growth, and well-being of that thing or others.

In my life (and I am sure in yours too), there are many things that we have adopted. Once you adopt that thing, then that person, animal, bird, or plant becomes dependent upon you. In that moment, consistency becomes the key.
I adopt the task of feeding many birds. Because of that many birds nest in my area and they are depending on that food. Especially when they are nesting in the spring and hatching their babies. Because of that I am responsible for them and I make sure they have food. Even when I am gone, I remember to have friends come by and put out food for them.

The same is true with the hummingbirds. They are very dependent on the sugar water and when raising young, they can go through quite a lot of it. Because I adopted them, I am reminded that I must care for them because care equates to a type of love.

In the dry season when all the food for deer and elk are down to the nubs of grass in my meadows, I put out hay for them to have something to work with. Especially when the fires happen and so many animals have been running and displaced from familiar habitats. In such times, the deer and elk are horribly stressed and deserve support.
Most people forget that our potted plants are adopted and that they are dependent upon us being aware that they need water, light, and food. As they cannot get it themselves, especially if they are indoors.
We have the capacity to love many things; humans, plants, animals, etc. But in choosing to gather those things to you, are you fully awake to your responsibility afterwards?

Today awaken and remember those, who have depended upon your compassion and care. Awaken to the fact that there are those that still depend upon you now. Whether it be your words, actions, love, or deeds. And anything or anyone that you adopt compels the love inside of you to stretch beyond the self, beyond your most intimate partner, beyond your children, and beyond your immediate family. Those things that you adopt you are expressing and powerful form of love through the care and attention with which you share yourself with them.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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